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The Malifaux Child is a generic Outcast Totem that can be hired by any Master in the game on account of his status as a Mercenary. His main claim to fame is his Just Like You! Action, which allows him to cast one of his Leader's Ca actions, thus freeing up his Leader to use their AP for other things.


The Child's Wk is 5, which is average, and he completely lacks a Cg stat.


The Pair of Daggers attack has a low Ml of 4, a low range of 1", and a low damage spread of 1/2/3. He does gain a +flip to his attacks, but in general, the Malifaux Child really isn't an offensive model.

His Just Like You! action can be used to cast the Ca actions of his Leader as long as the Action does not name a model [7/1/14 Errata]. All actions taken in this manner suffer -3 Ca, but also gain a +flip to the casting attempt. Any damage dealt by the ability suffers a -flip, however, which makes the Child better at using his Leader's support actions than their damaging actions. Just Like You! can only copy actions with an AP cost of 1, and can only be used once per turn. Note, the Child cannot declare any Triggers that list a model by name on copied Ca actions.


The Malifaux Child has a low Defense, average Willpower, and only four wounds to keep him out of the grave. Fortunately, he also has Manipulative at a very high value of 15, making him very difficult to target before he has activated each turn. His Disguised ability prevents him from being charged, so if you want to fight him in melee, you'll have to waste an AP walking into combat with him.

The Child also has a bit of healing in his Misplaced Trust action, which grants a low healing flip of 1/2/3 to a nearby model. He needs a 7 of Rams or higher to use this ability, however, making it somewhat unreliable in the grand scheme of things.

Tips and Tricks with Tara

The Malifaux Child can be useful with Tara, as she has a number of Ca actions across her upgrades. The Child has access to her Pull the Void (Knowledge of Eternity upgrade) action, allowing him to deal minor damage to targets, give them Fast or Slow, and potentially bury them with the built-in Glimpse the Void trigger. Because of the Child's low Ca, he is better at using this ability against his own crew (who can choose not to resist the attack) than against enemy models (who will have a good chance of resisting his effective Ca of 4).

The Obliteration Symbiote upgrade gives Tara (and thus the Child) access to the Faces in the Void action, potentially allowing the Child to unbury a friendly buried model and immediately chain activate it. This can be very useful in giving Tara two potential unbury nodes far apart from each other. Note that, because it is a 2 AP action, the Malifaux Child will be unable to cast the Echoes of the Void action to unbury enemy models.

Another interesting option is the Whispers from Darkness action (from the Eternal Journey upgrade). When cast, this spell allows Tara (or the Malifaux Child) to take a 1 AP action printed on any buried model which does not list a model by name. Because the penalty to Ca and penalty to damage flips only applies to the Whispers from Darkness action, the Child will be able to use the chosen action on the buried model without any penalties! This makes it a very versatile action that can be used to either pull useful abilities from friendly buried models (such as giving the child access to Hans's Sniper Rifle or Killjoy's Cleaver) or from buried enemy models.

Tips and Tricks with Jack Daw

The Malifaux Child has a few options alongside Jack Daw, as he gains access to Jack's Suppressed Memories and its Repression and The Ghost of Malifaux triggers, which can be used to make the target discard a card or to place himself in base contact with the target, respectively. He also gains access to Jack's Noose attack, but will gain no use at all from his Remember Injustice trigger, as the Child cannot start the game with a Cursed upgrade attached to him. It's possible to use the Final Fate trigger to move a Cursed Upgrade from the Child onto his target, but this situation will only occur if Jack curses his own Child (which is mean and a bit pointless) or during a mirror match (at which point it becomes hilarious).

If Jack Daw has purchased the Twist and Turn upgrade, the Child gains access to the Feel Their Torment action, which allows him to immediately take a 1 AP action printed on a target Tormented model which does not list a model by name. Because Daw and his crew are able to hand out the Tormented Characteristic to other models, this gives the Malifaux Child access to a wide range of abilities, none of which will suffer the penalties associated with his Just Like You! action. However, because of the effective Ca 4 the Student will possess when using this action, it may be put to better use on your own models (who can choose not to resist the attack) than on enemy models (who can resist normally).

Tips and Tricks with Zoraida

The Malifaux Child can be used alongside Zoraida to gain an additional nexus for her Obey actions, though with the reduction to his Ca, it's usually best to have the Child cast Obey on friendly models, rather than enemy models. He also gains access to Bewitch, which has a decent chance of succeeding against low-Willpower models.

Tips and Tricks with Colette

When hired by Colette, the Malifaux Child gains the ability to cast both Prompt and Disappearing Act, both of which are great abilities to be able to use from two separate places on the board. Neither deals damage and both have low-ish TNs, making the disadvantages of Just Like You! less of an issue. The Child also brings a bit of healing to Colette's crew, which is a welcome addition in a crew that tends to favor fragile Showgirls.

Tips and Tricks with Kaeris

While the Malifaux Child's Just Like You! imposes a penalty on any damage flips caused by the copied action, Kaeris has a primary attack that just applies Burning to her target. The Child can easily copy her Flaming Halo to give her crew another source of Burning, and will gain access to all of her various triggers, including the very nice Engulf trigger, which causes the target to take damage equal to its Burning Condition before ending that Condition. This can be a great way to ensure that Kaeris scores points for strategies such as Reckoning, as the burning enemy model will be killed by the Malifaux Child and not the Burning Condition. If Kaeris upgrades Purifying Fire on her, then copy-casting Flaming Halo on your own models is turning to be an effective healing at the end of turn. Low tome cards in your hand now has yet another way to become effective.

Her Immolate attack also gains a +flip to its attack and damage flips if the target has Burning, which cancels out the -flip to damage imposed by the Child's Just Like You!, leaving it with a total of +2 flips on its attack! With such bonuses, and a good range, this can be a great way of making the Malifaux Child into a cheap offensive model.

The Child can also be used to cast Accelerant, which forces all Burning models in a wide pulse to either take 2 damage or become Paralyzed. Because there is no damage flip involved with Accelerant, this is another way to have the Malifaux Child help Kaeris's crew toss out some significant damage, or even to Paralyze much more important models.

Tips and Tricks with C. Hoffman

Want some extra support for your Constructs? The Malifaux Child can cast Hoffman's Machine Puppet to let your friendly Constructs take additional actions, or it can cast his Redirect Power to hand out the Power Loop condition to Constructs operating far outside of Hoffman's normal range.

Alternatively, if Hoffman has purchased the On Site Assimilation upgrade, he can cast O.S.A to copy actions from a non-Leader Construct and use them himself, only without the penalties normally associated with the Just Like You! action.

With the Field Mechanic upgrade, the Child can use Update Hardware to attach Modification upgrades to your Constructs, thus allowing Hoffman to spend his AP on more useful actions. That the Child can use this action to upgrade Constructs operating far away from Hoffman is a nice perk of the Child.

If you're looking for something a bit more dangerous, the Remote Mines upgrade allows the Malifaux Child to Detonate scrap markers, which forces enemy models to perform a Walk duel or suffer 3 damage. If the Child is operating independently of Hoffman, this can be a good way to make use of the Scrap Markers dropped by destroyed Constructs (either your own or those belonging to your opponent), and because the damage is not part of a damage flip, the penalty from Just Like You! will not apply to this damage.

Tips and Tricks with Lucius

Lucius wouldn't think twice about using a Malifaux Child to suit his purposes, and it's easy to see why. The Child can cast Guild Intelligence (albeit with difficulty, needing a 12+) to let friendly Minions around him take Interact actions while engaged, or can cast Issue Command to make Lucius's Minions take additional actions, with a boosted range if the target is a Guardsman or a Mimic.

Perhaps most amusingly, the Malifaux Child can cast What Lackeys Are For to let him place a scheme marker in base contact with himself and then swap places with another friendly model within 10". Because this is not an Interact Action, the Insignificant ability of the Malifaux Child will not prevent it from dropping a scheme marker, which can easily catch your opponent off guard!

Tips and Tricks with Sonnia

Sonnia can have multiple upgrades that give her Ca actions. The Malifaux Child can cast her Flame Wall (requires 9+) when you either want to shoot 3 times with Sonnia, or setup 2 Flame Walls which can really mess up enemy plans.

Playing Against the Malifaux Child

If the Child is being a problem, just wait until after it has activated (to get around its Manipulative) and shoot it dead. With its low Defense and only four wounds, it's not too difficult to get rid of, provided you don't attempt to force your way through its very high Manipulative score or waste AP walking into melee with the Disguised Child.

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