Mad Dog Brackett, Outcast Henchman


'Mad Dog' Brackett ("Mad Dog") is Parker Barrows' right hand man, the muscle who fixes whatever problems come up during a heist with 'restrained violence'. He's a moderately costed Henchman with a focus on ranged damage, and a few tricks up his sleeve to increase his damage as he gets hurt.


Mad Dog is a simple man with an average Wk and Cg, and no other ways to increase his mobility on his base card. He is a Bandit, which means that his boss Parker has a number of ways to move Mad Dog into position ("The Job's Not Done Yet!", Coordinated Heist to name a few). Other Outcast masters can also maneuver him into position to start blasting away - Hamelin has his Obey, Tara can give him Fast or just drop him off with her Obliteration Symbiote upgrade.



As mentioned above, Mad Dog has one job with the Barrows Gang, and that is to solve problems by applying a liberal amount of damage to them. His Chesterfield Shotgun attack is his bread and butter, with a better than average Sh and a respectable Rg. It also carries with it a damage track appropriate for a beater model, and the ability to apply blasts on Moderate and Severe. It also has a built-in Trigger in Blown Back, which gives Mad Dog an element of board control. Mad Dog has two Tactical Actions, and both are designed to support his shotgun. The first is the classic Rapid Fire, letting Mad Dog really lay down the hurt on a single target. The second action, Blow It To Hell, allows Mad Dog to fire without caring about what cover his targets may have thought they had.

Mad Dog also has two Abilities that enhance his offense. The first is his Foaming at the Mouth, where when he drops below half his starting Wd he gains a boost to all of his Attack and damage flips. This is a risk versus reward ability, as Mad Dog doesn't have a large pool of Wd to start with. The addition of his personal Upgrade, Lucky Poncho, can help him hang on as will the presence of the Barrows Gang's very own hostage-turned-medic, Doc Mitchell. The second Ability is Loot Their Corpses, where Mad Dog can drop Scheme Markers as he downs enemy models. It is important to note that this Ability is not a 'may' ability, and it is possible to be forced to drop a Scheme Marker where it may interrupt your plans for a certain Scheme if it's too close to another friendly Scheme Marker.

Mad Dog also shares access to the Crate of Dynamite upgrade with his boss, Parker, which can give him the High Explosives ability. This allows Mad Dog to remove Scheme Markers - friendly or enemy - for a moderately high card and force models close to the marker to take a difficult Df duel or suffer a significant amount of damage. This ability has a cost, though, as each use requires either a Soulstone or for Mad Dog to discard the upgrade.


As a primary ranged attacker, enemies will naturally try to tie Mad Dog down in combat. His only Ml action, Burning Cigar, is more an escape method than a proper attack. Burning as a Condition is situationally useful, but the incredibly flavorful Triggers "AHHH, MY EYE!" and "Say Hello to my Little Friend" both help Mad Dog disengage from a target in order to resume pumping shotgun shells into them. It is important to note that Mad Dog has neither Trigger built in, and so will either need a high card of the appropriate suit, or spend a Soulstone to be sure the effect goes off.


VS Ranged

Mad Dog has above average Df and average Wp, but a lower than average Wd value. Like many Bandits, he also enjoys the situationally useful Bulletproof +1. The addition of Hard to Kill via his personal Upgrade, Lucky Poncho, can result in him surviving an attack, only to be healed up again by Doc Mitchell. Like all Henchmen, he also has the ability to use Soulstone for Prevention.

VS Melee

Mad Dog has no special defenses for melee that don't also apply to his Ranged defense, and his Bulletproof +1 is even less relevant here. However, as before his Lucky Poncho can allow Mad Dog to survive against an assailant, and if he's sufficiently wounded then his Frothing at the Mouth can help him hit the Triggers on his Burning Cigar to get out of melee.


Mad Dog wants to be spending his time shooting enemies with his Chesterfield Shotgun, which doesn't require any suits. His Burning Cigar, however, has two Triggers that both require a specific suit which he may want to spend a Soulstone for in order to get back to the shooting. If he's in a crew led by Parker Barrows, Parker's ability to generate additional Soulstone means that Mad Dog may have the opportunity to spend Soulstone on improving his attacks with his Shotgun, potentially at the same time as his Frothing at the Mouth, to reliably hit his targets. Due to his lower than average Wd count, Mad Dog may also want to spend Soulstone frequently for damage prevention.

Tricks and Tips While Joining a Crew


Mad Dog is a straightforward model, who can fit in with most Outcast crews who want a consistent ranged beater. In the event that Mad Dog survives until the end of the game, the Life of Crime he shares with other Bandits can surprise opponents by denying or providing end of game schemes.


As a Bandit, Mad Dog shines when in a crew led by Parker Barrows. Parker can maneuver him into position through "The Job's Not Done Yet!" and can give him extra attacks with No Witnesses from his Highwayman upgrade. As a bonus, because Mad Dog is a Bandit, Parker would not need to suffer the normal drawback of the action. Due to Mad Dog's damage track, he can help feed Parker's Go Through Their Pockets, and because he is a Bandit Parker won't have to suffer the drawback.

Doc Mitchell

As Parker's totem, Doc Mitchell is a solid crew support piece that brings healing and the useful "This'll Numb the Pain" Trigger. Given Mad Dog's Wd count and reliance on Hard to Kill to survive, Doc's ability to patch Mad Dog up and keep him firing can help one make more use of the Frothing at the Mouth ability. As a Bandit, Mad Dog is a viable target for Doc's "Doc! Get Over Here!".


Lucky Poncho: Mad Dog's personal upgrade, it brings him two abilities. The first is simply Hard to Kill, which improves Mad Dog's survivability. The other, "You Ruined It...", is situationally useful. If Mad Dog has no access to healing, and will likely die before he can activate again, "You Ruined It..." can help him go out with a real bang.

Crate of Dynamite: An upgrade Mad Dog shares with Parker Barrows, it gives Mad Dog the High Explosives ability. This gives Mad Dog some anti-Scheme Marker capability, as well as the ability to force simple duels on the opponent. It is also possible to combine the scheme marker dropped from Loot Their Corpses
with this attack.

Oathkeeper: A solid choice for any Outcast model, Mad Dog can appreciate a turn of Fast to either position in order to shoot, or just to shoot more. Given that he is relatively squishy, the Finish the Job is not wasted on him, either.

Tricks and Tips While Leading a Crew

Mad Dog does not provide much support to a crew - at most, his Blow It To Hell can make Sh heavy crews have an edge in boards where there is a lot of cover. Otherwise, he is there mostly to shoot things with his Chesterfield Shotgun.

Strategies and Schemes

Mad Dog is a beater model, and so is best suited to schemes and strategies where killing enemy models is the goal. His ability to drop scheme markers with Loot Their Corpses can be situationally good with schemes such as Leave Your Mark and Protect Territory.

Building a Crew

Mad Dog can support a crew with a lot of Projectile actions through Blow It To Hell, but otherwise he works well with any crew that wants a leader who's main goal is to provide damage.

Starting Mad Dog Brackett

Mad Dog Brackett comes in A Fistful of Scrip with Parker Barrows, Doc Mitchell, and three Bandidos. Thematic options for next purchases include Wokou Raiders, who bring a melee presence that can compliment Mad Dog's ranged ability; or Dead Outlaws, who can curse foes to deny them making melee attacks while engaged. Outside of Bandits, Outcast staples such as Johan and Sue bring utility to the crew.

Playing Against Mad Dog Brackett

As has been mentioned throughout, Mad Dog does not want to be trapped in melee. Tying him up so that he cannot shoot and forcing him to use his Burning Cigar will help reduce the incoming damage. He also has average Wp, so attacks that target Wp (or just Wp simple duels) can drain an opponent's hand and leave Mad Dog exposed.

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