Lazarus, Outcast Enforcer

Once a simple guardsman, the man who would become Lazarus volunteered to have his soul placed in a soulstone as part of an experiment involving a new construct. The Guild promised to return him to his body, but after he learned that they had betrayed him, Lazarus escaped and became a mercenary for hire with a wish for vengeance against his former employers.


Lazarus is basically a tank with a grenade launcher. He's heavily armored, fires grenades at his enemies, and can self-repair his own wounds, making him a formidable combatant.

He's a Mercenary, and so can be hired by most every faction in the game, except for the Guild, due to his Hate the Maker ability. (Please note that the restriction stands even in case a dual-faction Guild/Whatever Master plays as his/her other Faction. For example McCabe as a Ten Thunders leader also can't hire Lazarus.)


Lazarus is slow. With a Wk of 4 and Cg of 6 he can't cover great distances but this not a big problem since he doesn't really need to.


Lazarus's primary attack is his Grenade Launcher, which has a high Sh of 6, a good range and a very good damage profile with lots of blasts. His Auto Fire Action makes great use of this by allowing him to spend 2 AP and a discarded card to make three shots. These attacks do not have to all be against the same enemy, which allows Lazarus a great deal of control when laying down a rain of destruction upon the enemy.

In close combat, his Bayonet deals less damage, but comes with an Unload Ordnance Trigger that adds some blasts onto his damage track, for those times when Lazarus is facing multiple enemies at once.

Assimilate is Lazarus' oddest Attack Action, as it allows him to select a (1) Action printed on a target Construct or its upgrades and then take that Action for free. This can give him a nice range of extra option in case he is close to some Construct models.

Note that since Assimilate is an Attack Action, he can't use it on himself.


Despite the slightly below-average Df stat, Lazarus is incredibly durable. Between his Armor +2 and his Self Repair Action, it can be very difficult to destroy Lazarus, as he's capable of healing what little damage actually sticks to him.


Oathkeeper is, as always, a good upgrade for giving Lazarus a turn of being Fast, which allows him to walk into position and then Auto Fire, then giving him more targets or letting him reposition himself before unleashing a salvo of grenades.

Scramble can be useful for making Lazarus a bit quicker on his feet, but because he's primarily a shooting model, and an already expensive one at that, it may not be worth the investment.

Imbued Energies - if you reckon 3 shots in a turn is amazing, then how about 4 shots? Optimizing ranged attacks earlier in a turn helps greatly at melting enemy forces before them getting into your face.

Tactics and Tips

Lazarus wants to be unengaged and raining explosive death down upon his opponents via his Grenade Launcher, so he does well hanging back just a little bit and firing into the opponent's crew. Once he's reached a position where he has enough range to hit the enemy, his Auto Fire Action allows him to drop a startling amount of damage and blasts at a good range. Even if Lazarus gets into melee, his Armor and Self Repair will do a good job of keeping him intact while he uses his Bayonet to stab things, but he really wants to use his better Grenade Launcher when possible.

Lazarus is great at cleaning enemy summoned models, for instance when facing a summoner Dreamer, Lazarus usually could blow up the summoned models on the same turn with ease. For a lot of crew list which lacks of blast ranged attacks, Lazarus is a very good addon to it.

Note that his 2 points action Autofire is different from normal flurry-like attacks that can only target the same enemy model. Therefore even if you blow up your first target on a single hit, you can aim at another model.

Construct Synergies

Because of his Assimilate action, Lazarus gets better as you use him with or against other Constructs, as it expands the number of additional Actions he can take in an Activation. For example when used alongside Leveticus and his Pariah of Iron upgrade, he can pull Abilities from nearly any Construct in the game as a free Action. Lazarus makes a very solid "Waif Anchor" for Leveticus' Hollow Waifs, so he's a great Enforcer for Leveticus to hire. He can be also good in combination with Collodi (who is a Construct), as it essentially allows Lazarus to copy one of his master-level Actions and use it himself. But he can have fearful Ml attack with a Rogue Necromancy around, or use Obey thanks to Vasilisa, or even can Gamble Your Life near a Stitched Together. A neat trick to use when playing Gremlins is to Assimilate the Pigapult Launch'n action to place up to 4 (3 from the Pigapult and 1 from Lazarus) friendly Gremlins 24" up he board. If you find you need a durable ranged threat to accompany the Whiskey Golem you can always give Lazarus Df 6 by Assimilating Fine Craftsmanship from the Whiskey Golem. He has an effective synergy adding some ranged support to a Colette crew, since he can use Dance Partner from a Coryphee to place in base contact with a Showgirl within 14". This allows him to spend all his AP on shooting and none on Walking. The damage from his shooting can be further enhanced by Doves, so adding in Colette's Prompt Action you can get six shots from his gun per Turn, each on a positive flip for damage. So the possibilities are almost endless.


Lazarus is also a member of the Freikorps, so he gains even more increased durability when hired by Von Schill. Von Schill's Engage at Will upgrade allows Lazarus to take his Self Repair and Assimilate Actions in the same activation, and his A Legend to Live Up To Ability effectively grants Lazarus a kind of Hard to Kill Condition, making him even more difficult to kill than normal. Also, in a Freikorps team there is a high chance that a Librarian or two is around to help him heal much faster.

Burn Out Reactivation

Rusty Alyce can use her Burn Out Action to give Lazarus Reactivate, though this also drops him down to a single wound. Because Lazarus can Self Repair, however, this can be an effective way to get him up the board quickly at the start of the game, as he'll quickly regain his wounds back (especially if you use Burn Out before his first activation, so that you can use Self Repair to heal him during both of his Activations). Be warned that this can be risky if the opponent has any form of long-range sniping in their crew.

Playing Against Lazarus

Lazarus is durable and puts out a lot of damage, making him a tough model to take down. Models that can ignore his Armor will have an easier time of it than anyone else, and because Grenade Launcher with Auto Fire is so good, you'll likely want to do so from melee, where Lazarus will be forced to use his less effective Bayonet Attack.

Resurrectionists can use their Decaying Aura Upgrade to turn off his healing, which helps to ensure that the damage you put onto Lazarus stays there.

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