Lady Ligeia, Outcast Peon Totem (Jack Daw)
β€œIn beauty of face no maiden ever equaled her. It was the radiance of an opium-dream - an airy and spirit-lifting vision more wildly divine than the fantasies which hovered about the slumbering souls of the daughters of Delos.”
― Edgar Allan Poe, Ligeia


Ligeia-Clarke.jpgLady Ligeia is Jack Daw's Totem and functions well with him. Her main ability is Betrayal: Enemy models can't Cheat Fate while they're near her! She's basically a fragile but fast delivery system for this excruciatingly painful aura.


Lady Ligeia is quite mobile. She has a very good Wk and Cg 6, with Incorporeal so she doesn't need to worry about terrain or other models.

Furthermore, she's a Tormented model, so she can benefit from all the Movement tricks of a Tormented Crew, like Jack Daw's Driven by Injustice and Writhing Torment, and Montresor's several effects that pull models into base contact.


Lady Ligeia's main offensive use is her Betrayal aura. Within 3" of her, enemy models cannot Cheat Fate. This is huge, and it is a huge force multiplier for other friendly models' attacks and harmful auras. Terrifying gets more dangerous to enemies near her. Enemies can't resist attacks as well. Betrayal is a very powerful ability, but it will often make her a target. This aura goes out even further to 4" if there's a friendly model with Creeping Terror in Line of Sight.

Betrayal works best when it's supporting friendly attacks. At its best, it makes the attacks of more powerful models inevitable!

Lady Ligeia has an absolutely miserable Bash melee attack that is rarely worth using, but her Wail attack can sometimes come in handy. Wail is a ranged attack with a middling Sh 5. The damage is low, but it has a blast on severe, and with an Tome you can force the enemy to discard a card.

She can also support a typical Jack Crew by giving a model Tormented until this end of its next activation. This doesn't last as long as Jack Daw's Injustice Upgrades or The Guilty's Characteristic grants, but can provide another way to make an enemy model temporarily Tormented. This allows a lot of movement and control effects from Jack Daw's Crew.


Lady Ligeia has a very good Df 6, with Incorporeal to halve damage. She only has Wp 4 and Wd 3, though, so she's vulnerable.

Lady Ligeia's primary defense is her Betrayal aura. Enemy models can't cheat near her, so they'll often miss when attacking her in melee. Since her Df is so high, this can often keep her safe from nearby attacks! Distant attacks, especially distant Ca attacks, will kill her quickly, though. Keep her out of line of sight until she can get enemies into her Betrayal aura! She can be incredibly difficult to kill once she's close to an enemy.

At range, though, she can be very vulnerable. She does well to hide behind terrain or other models, then try to move in close.

Tactics and Tips

Lady Ligeia's Betrayal is a major game-changer, and the main reason you'll take this model. It keeps her alive and it makes enemies into easy targets.

Lady Ligeia does especially well stacked close with Montresor. Enemies can't escape and have trouble resisting so many attacks.

It's best to take a model with Creeping Terror if you plan to use her, since this extends her Betrayal aura even further.

Playing Against Lady Ligeia

She's actually a pretty high-priority target: she's fast and she causes a massive debuff if she gets close. The best way to kill her is from outside her aura, ideally with a Ca-based attack.

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