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Johan is an extremely solid model for his point cost. With his delightfully useful ability to remove conditions via "Rebel Yell" and impressive three inch melee engagement range, he is often included in crews outside his faction.
Note that there is also a Johana included in the So'mer box set. But, don't even try to play both at the same time because, regardless of your sexual preference, both perform exactly the same because they are one in the same, even before/after his/her sex change (Wrap your brain around that!).


Johan has limited mobility with his 4 inch walk and a charge of 6, but his melee range of 3 makes his threat range considerably greater.


Johan is a dangerous guy, particularly against Constructs and Tyrants, or when fighting alongside members of the M&SU.

His Relic Hammer has a good range of 3" and a very nice damage profile of 3/4/6, and if his target is a Construct or a Tyrant, he gains an additional +2 flips on his damage! Furthermore, while within 3" of another model with the M&SU Characteristic, Johan gains a +flip on his attacks from his Solidarity ability, making him very dangerous when hired into some Arcanist crews.

He possesses the Flurry ability, allowing him to discard a card and spend 2 AP to take three Ml attacks against a single target, and his Knockback trigger allows him to, well, knock his target back 3", out of melee range.

Perhaps his best known ability, however, is Rebel Yell, which removes all Conditions on a target model. This can be used offensively to remove beneficial Conditions from an opponent's models or defensively to removing harmful Conditions from your own, but because it is an attack action, Johan is unable to Rebel Yell at himself.


Johan has average defensive stats and wounds, though his Hard to Kill ability gives him the ability to withstand otherwise lethal damage a bit more than most models. Even if he does get killed, his Finish the Job ability will let him drop a scheme marker before he dies, giving him the chance to finish a critical objective before death overtakes him.

He also possesses some healing in the form of Open Revolt, which allows all friendly M&SU models within 6" to perform a healing flip. Because Johan is an M&SU model, he can always use Open Revolt to heal himself, though this is a bit resource intensive, taking all two of his AP each time he wishes to use it. When hired into a crew containing other M&SU models (ie, Arcanists), this action becomes progressively better as more and more M&SU models are added to Johan's crew.


Scramble is very good at aiding Johan with mobility issues, though it does make him a somewhat costly model.

Oathkeeper is very good for giving him a single turn of being Fast, which allows him to go crazy with his Relic Hammer or just move into a more beneficial position before using Open Revolt or Flurry.

Tactics and Tips

Johan is a good, cheap melee model who also brings the option for Condition removal to every faction. He works best when surrounded by other M&SU models, but is still very effective for his cost among the Outcasts or when hired into other Factions.

Playing Against Johan

Johan is a melee model, so killing him with ranged weapons is usually the safest approach. If you're running lots of Constructs or a Tyrant Masters (such as Hamelin or the Dreamer), then do your best to stay away from his Relic Hammer. It will hurt.

Against a crew running lots of M&SU models, try to take Johan down quickly, as his ability to heal all the M&SU models in a large radius around him can quickly shift the game in your opponent's favor.

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