Jack Daw, Outcast Master

"There's a shadow just behind me,
shrouding every breath I take,
making every promise empty,
pointing every finger at me." - Tool, "Sober"


Jack Daw.jpg
Considered by many in the Guild to be the city's mascot, for a long time Jack Daw was the first thing that those coming to Malifaux saw when they stepped off the the train station. High in the wasted limbs of the Hanging Tree dangled Jack's corpse, an unknown victim whose presence could not be accounted by any record since the Great Breach reopened. Trapped in both body and mind, Jack Daw could do nothing but absorb the events of the world passing by until the doorway to the Grave Spirit's realm opened at Kythera.The power that flowed into Malifaux from that other realm caused Jack to break free from his imprisonment and reclaim a fragment of that power for itself.

Tempering this power with a burning desire for vengeance, Jack's spirit broke free of his corporeal prison and now wanders Malifaux, looking for a woman he does not recognize in order to avenge a crime he cannot remember.

Jack Daw is a difficult opponent to face, for he is protected by the Oldest Magics, making him very difficult to target and damage. As a ghost, he freely floats through walls and across rivers without slowing, only to curse his enemies with terrible afflictions. He is most powerful when surrounded by the Tormented, those who have either lost their minds while living, or lingered after their deaths in search of vengeance against those who killed them.


Jack Daw is a surprisingly mobile master with many, many movement tricks. With a Walk speed of 5 and the ability to ignore other models and terrain via Oldest Magic, Daw can float through buildings or severe terrain without batting an eye.

Daw can gain even further movement via The Ghost of Malifaux trigger on his Suppressed Memories attack, which places Daw in base contact with his target after damaging it. Given that Suppressed Memories has an 8" range on it, this can allow Daw to rapidly redeploy across the field. The Ghost of Malifaux can also trigger on attacks against your own models, and with a weak damage of 1 on Suppressed Memories, it's sometimes useful to cast it on your own models to move Jack quickly.

The second movement trick Jack Daw possesses on his base card is Driven By Injustice, which targets a single model and pushes every Tormented model within 8" of Jack 4" closer to the target, all as a (0) action. Because the pulse is centered on Daw he does not benefit from the push, though it obviously can be quite useful for moving multiple Tormented models towards a target. Driven By Injustice triggers all Tormented models, both friendly and enemy, so it can be used to move allies up, move enemies out of position, or both.

If using his thematic crew, Daw has further movement options in the form of The Guilty (who can use their Follow Pain free action to push 6" towards a Tormented model) and Monstresor (who can use his Fearful Whispers upgrade to pull models within 5" of him into base contact). Combined with Driven By Injustice, this gives a number of ways for Jack Daw's crew to move around without having to actually spend AP to do so.

Jack Daw's Upgrades provide even more movement tricks. Writhing Torment pushes any Tormented model (friend or enemy) 3" in a direction of your choice if they're within a 6" aura of Jack. This can throw your models forward, or move enemy models into just the wrong position. And there's no resist. Twist and Turn is a (0) Action that causes a Tormented model (friendly or enemy) to take a (1) action. This can give even more positioning, movement, or control. But at least there's a Wp resist.


With excellent mobility and resilience, Jack Daw had to pay a price somewhere: his offense is not particularly amazing. Still, he has some strong debuffs and triggers on his attacks. Both of his main attacks use a Ca 7 with a built-in crow.

Suppressed Memories

This attack is accurate with a good range, but with a low 1/3/4 damage track. The damage is almost secondary to the triggers, which is the real purpose behind the attack. The Ghost of Malifaux trigger allows Daw to place himself in base contact with the target after damaging them, a very handy movement ability given the long range of Suppressed Memories, while Repression will force the opponent to discard a card after Jack damages their model. Ghost of Malifaux requires a mask and Repression requires a tome.

Final Fate (which requires a built-in Crow) is arguably the most important trigger on Suppressed Memories, as it allows Daw to move one of his Cursed upgrades from himself to the target. Don't let the name "upgrade" fool you, however, as the Cursed upgrades provide a brutal debuff to any model holding them, giving them a harmful ability as well as the Tormented characteristic. The Tormented characteristic makes a model more vulnerable to the manipulations of Daw and his crew, who all have actions or triggers capable of punishing Tormented models.


Jack's second damaging attack is melee-range only. While it does have a slightly higher damage output than Suppressed Memories, the 2/3/4 damage track is still modest for a Master. Note that Suppressed Memories targets Wp and Noose targets Df, so Daw can tailor his attacks to match the weaknesses of his enemies.

Again, the real appeal of Noose comes from its triggers. Final Fate moves a Cursed "Upgrade" onto the target to punish them, and Remember Injustice pulls a Cursed Upgrade off the target to deal two more damage. Jack Daw has the Crow he needs for both of these triggers built-in.

Remember Injustice sets up a "one-two punch" combo: Jack gives a target a Cursed upgrade with one attack, then strikes a second time and pulls the Cursed upgrade back for two more damage. Since these are separate instances of damage, Jack Daw can use this to get around Hard to Kill. Firing Squad Injustice is the best Cursed upgrade to use for this trick, as it increases the damage Jack deals with his second attack, but any of the other Cursed upgrades will do.

The interaction of Final Fate and Remember Injustice allows Jack to put out some fairly respectable damage, and is one of the better ways to give Jack some offensive punch.

Driven by Injustice

Driven by Injustice is one of Jack's more versatile abilities. At its most basic level, pushes any Tormented models (friend or enemy) within 8" of Jack toward a target model. However, it can also be used on a model behind Jack to pull your Tormented models back after they've become overextended, or to push your Tormented models into melee range of an enemy you want to attack. It's also handy for moving your Tormented models forward at the beginning of the game, by targeting one of your models that has already moved forward, but be wary about clustering up against enemies that have long range blast attacks.

Driven by Injustice can also pull enemy Tormented models out of position, or bunch them up for an area attack. The model that Daw targets with Driven by Injustice resists with Wp, but all of the Tormented models within Daw's pulse have no such luxury; they are pushed closer whether they want to be or not.

Driven by Injustice does not differentiate between friendly and enemy Tormented models, so you should pay close attention to the target of the ability and which models are going to push in which direction.

Once you've had some practice with Driven by Injustice, however, it becomes a very useful ability that provides a great deal of offensive and defensive mobility to Daw's crew, especially if he brings a high number of Tormented models with him.


Jack Daw is arguably one of the most difficult masters to put into the ground.

Oldest Magic imposes a [-] flip on all attack and damage flips against Daw. While Jack's Df is a bit low, he boasts a very impressive Wp to make up for it. Furthermore, he has a very high Wd 13, so even if your opponent does manage to get past Oldest Magic to put some damage on Daw, it's going to take a couple such hits to kill him once and for all.

Combined with his high mobility and the Terrifying he can gain from his Betrayer upgrade (see below), Jack can survive reasonably well even without support from his crew. His starting cache is a bit low, but this is fairly typical for most Outcast masters.


Last Whisper

A handy scheme-running (0) Action. When any non-Peon model within 6" is killed (friendly or enemy), Jack Daw can discard a card to place a Scheme Marker in base contact with it before it goes. This is a very useful tool to drop Scheme Markers in the middle of combat, which can be especially handy for schemes like Plant Explosives and Spring the Trap. Since this isn't an Interact action, it also bypasses Chatty. In games where Scheme Markers are on the table, Jack Daw will often do well.

Use Last Whisper early in a turn if you want to use it, since it lasts until the end of the turn once Jack Daw activates and uses it.


Jack's three Cursed upgrades are his bread and butter. None of them cost any points to purchase and Daw's Luck allows Jack to have two extra Cursed Upgrades attached, so there's no reason not to bring at least two Cursed upgrades to the fight.

While on Jack, Curse Upgrades are attached face down and have no effect. If he hits a model and uses his Final Fate trigger, however, he can attach one of his Cursed upgrades to that model and flip it face up, giving it the Tormented Characteristic and a very detrimental ability that varies by curse.

A model with a face-up Cursed upgrade can take the (2) Penance action, to flips the Cursed upgrade face-down, rendering it inert. Fortunately, Jack Daw has the Sin Eater ability, allowing him to pull Cursed upgrades from other models within 8" and Line of Sight and reattach them to him face down again.

If a model with a Cursed upgrade leaves play, the Cursed upgrade goes right back to Jack Daw and attaches to him face down.

Firing Squad Injustice (Cursed)

A model with this upgrade face-up takes 2 damage whenever it declares an attack action (regardless of success or failure) and any damage the model takes from attack actions is increased by +1. This makes it a very good upgrade to inflict upon models that have triggers that grant them extra attack actions, such as Convict Gunslingers or Steam Arachnid Swarms, as it will either force your opponent to limit the number of attacks the model makes, or suffer an increasing amount of damage with each attack. Forcing the model to take +1 damage from any attack action that hits it can help Jack Daw or other members of his crew take down the cursed model very quickly.

Drowning Injustice (Cursed)

A model with this upgrade face-up takes 2 damage whenever it declares a Tactical Action other than the Penance action (which is granted by the Cursed upgrade itself), and whenever it fails a simple duel. This applies to Tactical actions printed on the model's cards, but also such common actions as Walk, Charge, Focus, and Defensive Stance. This is a great curse for objective-runners, support models, and mobile units, since it punishes anything other than attacks. The damage caused when the model fails a simple duel can be a bit situational, but many of Daw's thematic crew (such as Montresor, The Hanged, or The Drowned) can force models to perform simple duels, adding an additional penalty upon a failure. Horror duels are also simple duels, which provides even more of an incentive for a cursed model to leave your Hanged alone.

Guillotine Injustice (Cursed)

Guillotine Injustice is pretty straight forward and to the point. If a Peon or Minion model activates while Guillotine Injustice is attached to them and face-up, their controlled has to discard two cards or the model just dies. You can still attach Guillotine Injustice to a Master or Enforcer model, and while Death by Guillotine won't have any effect, the upgrade will still give them the Tormented Characteristic, which means that Jack can still get some use out of Guillotine Injustice if all of the opponent's Minions or Peons are dead or out of range.


Betrayer gives Jack Terrifying (Tormented) 13. This can be useful if you like to hand out Tormented. Even if you don't take any of Jack's thematic crew, the Cursed upgrades hand out the Tormented Characteristic to anyone they're attached to face-up. And once in a while, enemies might just take Papa Loco or a Nurse by coincidence.

Writhing Torment

Writhing Torment is a very powerful upgrade, especially if you're running Jack Daw with his thematic crew of Tormented models. It allows you to push any Tormented model that activates within 6" of Jack up to 3" in any direction before they have a chance to spend any AP. This applies to both your own friendly Tormented models and to enemy Tormented models, allowing Jack to control the battlefield around him quite a bit.

Also included in this Upgrade, The Lurking Fear renders Jack immune to the Paralyzed Condition if it is applied by enemy models, which can be handy in some match-ups. It also essentially renders Daw immune to Horror checks, which is nice.

This Upgrade is great if you take a lot of Tormented models. If not, you may want to take something else instead.

Twist and Turn

Twist and Turn gives Jack Daw two new Attack Actions that both use the strengths of other Tormented models, in two very different ways.

Feel Their Torment is a (1) Attack Action that borrows and immediately uses a (1) Action from another Tormented model, but without any triggers. This gives Jack Daw a huge range of options. If any enemy model has an action you like, you can toss a Cursed upgrade onto it and then use Feel Their Torment to copy it yourself! It's Ca 7, resisted with Wp, and requires an 8 of any suit.

Twist and Turn is a (0) Attack Action that commands a non-Leader Tormented model to take a (1) Action, which again can't use a Trigger. It's like a Tormented-only Obey. It's Ca 7, resisted with Wp, and requires a 7 of any suit.

This Upgrade also works best if you're bringing Tormented models of your own to command and copy. At 2 Soulstones, it may be too expensive and unreliable if you're just planning to use it on enemy models.

The Creeping Terror

This upgrade increases the ranges of any pulses or auras generated by friendly Tormented models within line of sight by 1". This upgrade has some obvious effects when one looks at Tormented models such as The Drowned, The Hanged, Montresor, Papa Loco, and even Jack Daw himself, all of whom generate pulses and/or auras, but you can also bring non-Tormented models by hiring non-Tormented models and making them Tormented during the game (typically via the Share Guilt ability of The Guilty). This Upgrade also gives a huge benefit to the Crossroads Seven (Wrath's Crew, all Tormented) since they all generate powerful auras.

Wrath, Montresor, Papa Loco, or Jaakuna Ubume can also take this Upgrade, and Jack Daw's Upgrades are often at a premium, so you may want to leave it to Montresor to take if you're also hiring him.

General Outcast Upgrades


While upping Jack Daw's walk and charge speeds isn't necessarily a bad thing, he's mobile enough that the bonus doesn't end up being as relevant as it would be on slower model. The Unimpeded aspect is entirely wasted, as Daw already ignores terrain thanks to his Oldest Magic ability.

Oath Keeper

A cheap upgrade that can give Jack Daw Fast for a turn is a decent option if you have the upgrade slot open. There's never anything wrong with a Fast Master that generates 4 AP on their turn.

Tally Sheet

This isn't the best fit, due to Jack Daw's low-ish damage output, but if you prefer to run him as the tough spearhead doom ghost as opposed to a more control-based master then it can have its place. Just remember that models killed by damage from Cursed upgrades that have been attached to them do not count as kills for Jack, and thus would not allow him to draw cards via Tally Sheet.


Jack is already pretty darn survivable, so giving him Hard to Kill can be either redundant or hilarious, depending upon how much effort your opponents put into killing him. The [+] flip on healing flips doesn't really apply to anything specific in his thematic crew, but it can be useful if you take a healer such as a Freikorps Librarian.

The Traveler's Stone

This upgrade has some marginal use with Daw, but most of the time he's better off taking something more useful. Echo of Souls can be useful to increase Daw's defense after an opponent makes a focused attack against him...but with the Oldest Magic protecting him already, Daw probably has better uses for his Soulstones. Take Cover isn't especially useful against most crews, but it can be amusing when used against shooting heavy crews, as it will lead to a total of [-] [-] flips on any Shooting Attack Action made against him.

Tactics and Tips

Jack Daw's Crew has some amazing mobility tricks. Learn them and get comfortable with them and you'll find you can do incredible combinations to get models across the board in a single turn.

Jack Daw's Crew has some other common themes:
  • Tormented: Jack Daw obviously works well with Tormented models (the Tormented characteristic may as well be a brand that reads "works well with Jack Daw"), and he and his crew can force the enemy to become Tormented as well for some extra synergy. Jack gains a lot of tricks when surrounded by a variety of Tormented models, making them good choices no matter what the strategy or scheme.
  • Curses: Jack Daw's Cursed upgrades are some of the most vicious debuffs in the game. They can't be removed with Condition removal, so unless the opponent is using the Penance action to flip his upgrade face down (spending AP in the process) or shooting them off with Hans, a Cursed model generally just stays Cursed, right up until they die. The Cursed upgrades also make the model holding them Tormented, which feeds into the above.
  • Toxic Territory: Many of Jack Daw's models make an area dangerous, hazardous, or just include nasty debuffs. Jack Daw doesn't control territory so much as he and his crew make territory awful for the enemy.
  • Bringing models together: Jack and his crew do a lot of pushing models toward each other to clump them up. Jack can jump into base contact with friendly or enemy models with his attack trigger Ghost of Malifaux. Montresor pulls models into base contact and then zaps them. The Guilty push themselves toward Tormented models. A lot of these abilities revolve around the Tormented characteristic.
  • Close-Range Durability: A lot of Jack Daw's crew have surprising durability, especially in melee. They make it hard for enemies to attack, which is good because they often draw enemies close. The Drowned are especially good for this.

Put this all together and you've got a crew that sort of forms toxic clusters and pulls enemies into them and sticks them there. Jack Daw is only so-so at killing, but he and his crew can occupy territory and drain enemy resources really well.

If you can manage to force all your enemies into a few sticky, resource-draining clusters while your own objective-grabbers accumulate VP for you, then you'll be successful with Jack.

Leading a Crew

Jack Daw has tremendous Crew synergy, and will most often want to hire almost entirely a Tormented Crew. This leaves a lot of options.

Strategies and Schemes

Daw's can do well in any strategy that involves movement, especially if he has Tormented models to push around with Writhing Torment or Driven by Injustice. He can similarly punish other crews for clustering in one location for Turf War via Monstresor and Jaakuna Ubume, not to mention the terror pulses of Hanged. Reckoning is likely Daw's weakest strategy, as his damage is not terribly high and a portion of his crew's damage come from abilities that don't count as originating from his crew (such as the damage caused by Cursed upgrades).

Last Whisper makes Jack Daw very good at Plant Explosive or Set the Trap. He's a good master in games that involve Assassinate, not because he's an assassin so much as because he's very difficult for your opponent to remove from the board.

Building a Crew

More than anything else, Jack really likes to have Tormented models in his crew. He makes them better and they return the favor by synergizing well with his abilities and upgrades. Because of this, his thematic crew will likely work very well for him (once they've been released). Jack Daw can also hire non-Outcast Tormented models. These are included below as well.

The Guilty: These are the bread and butter of Jack Daw's crew...and they're pretty awesome. With a high defense, a good number of wounds, and Hard to Kill, they're surprisingly hard to take down for a model of their cost. Furthermore, the Sympathy of the Damned ability means that Tormented models never flip a card when determining a random target while shooting into melee combat, which can be used defensively - give an enemy shooty models Tormented to prevent him from targeting the Guilty so long as it's in combat - or offensively, by giving one of your shooty models (hello Convict Gunslinger) Tormented and then locking down the opponent's models in combat. When your Tormented model shoots into combat, he won't be hitting your Guilty, because they're pitiful, you know?

Murder Weapons is a solid attack, and Follow Pain allows them to push towards Tormented models, making them surprisingly mobile despite their slow Walk speed, but the big draw of The Guilty in a Jack Daw crew is their Share Guilt ability, which allows them to make another model - friend or foe - Tormented until they take the action again. Even the death of The Guilty won't remove the condition! Oh, and it has a trigger that lets them draw a card sometimes. Drawing cards is good.

Montresor: Montresor is basically a tarpit that sucks enemy models in, debuffs their Willpower, and then slowly chokes them to death. His Fearful Whispers upgrade imposes a penalty on Tormented models, making it more likely that he'll get a cluster of models around while Daw is floating around cursing people. If you're making other models Tormented, Montresor makes a great target for Driven by Injustice, as he'll pull the enemy's Tormented models in and lock them down. His attacks have minimal weak damage and very high severe damage, so focusing and cheating in high cards after you hit is usually going to be more effective from a sheer damage point of view. However, his triggers are also very nice, so don't feel like you're wasting his AP if you can hit his Tangle trigger or make the opponent discard cards.

Lady Ligeia: Jack Daw's totem is super fragile, but she makes up for it with a 3" aura that prevents the opponent from cheating if they're within range. She has other abilities and actions, such as Incorporeal, a weak shooting attack that might force your opponent to discard, and the ability to make a model Tormented for a short time, but if you're taking this girl, it's probably for her no-cheat aura. Once your opponent knows about this ability, they'll probably be gunning for Ligeia in an attempt to bring her down as quickly as possible, so make the most of her while you have her.

Jaakuna Ubume: (Tormented Resser) Ubume is basically a tarpit that brings a bubble of hazardous terrain with her. Her Lure ability brings a very useful ability to Daw's crew, and with Jack using Feel Their Torment and Twist and Turn (both from his Twist and Turn upgrade), he can throw out an embarrassing number of Lures to bring models closer to his crew.

The Drowned: (Tormented Resser) The Drowned are basically melee tanks, a role that overlaps somewhat with The Guilty. However, their Riptide action and Undertow trigger make them more useful alongside Jaakuna Ubume, as they increase the damage of her dangerous terrain and push enemies closer towards it, respectively. They can also be of use alongside Ama no Zako, who can also bring dangerous terrain to Jack's party.

The Hanged: (Tormented Resser) The Hanged are a very good (if expensive) minion that brings with it an aura of Unrelenting Terror and more Horror duels than you can shake a stick at. The only real down side to its Horrible End triggers is that while it has a large range the TN is rather low, making it likely that enemy models will pass their duel. However, when combined with Montresor's Comfort in Fear ability (which deals 2 damage whenever a model succeeds on a Horror duel), the two can become an (admittedly expensive) impressive duo of mass destruction.

Of course, you can't talk about The Hanged without mentioning Whispers from Beyond, which halves the life of its target and gives them a condition that prevents them from healing. Put a Jack Daw with the Twist and Turn upgrade nearby and you can do some serious damage to elite crews by allowing Jack to steal Whispers from Beyond from the Hanged and toss it around like candy. Evil candy FROM BEYOND!

Crooked Man: (Tormented Resser) The Crooked Men are very resilient to shooting attacks, making them a solid choice if you're expecting some ranged combat coming your way. Spread Decay doesn't bring a whole lot of use to Jack's Crew, but a ranged attack is a ranged attack, and their Mining Tools are an alright attack with an awesome trigger. These guys really shine with Protect Territory or any other scheme that involves protecting your scheme markers, as Shafted punishes models for moving into base contact with your markers.

If you want to be really cute with them, you can use Jack's Last Whisper and then kill the Crooked Man, allowing it to drop one scheme marker via Last Whisper and another from Finish the Job. If the Crooked Man took an Interact Action to drop a scheme marker before it died, that gives you a pile of three scheme markers all from one model, all in one place. That's almost a full Line in the Sand scheme right there...but if the opponent gets to it, they can remove all of the markers in base contact with their model with a single interact action.

However, if there's a model with a larger base standing atop those markers, maybe one that the opponent doesn't want to get close to, such as Jaakuna Ubume or Montresor...

Nurse: (Tormented Resser) Nurses are awesome. Much like The Guilty, they have a high defense and decent wounds for their cost, though the Nurse traded away her Hard to Kill for whole bunch of drugs. These drugs are the main reason you want to take her, as a Nurse can run all sorts of interference by buffing up your models or debuffing the opponent's models. You can get a bit tricksy with this, too; if you have a Tormented model engaged with one of their models, they might not object to you hitting their model with Hallucinogens to buff up its melee abilities...but when you use Accomplice to let your Tormented model activate immediately after the Nurse and then push it out of combat with Writhing Torment, now you've locked their suddenly unengaged model down tight.

All the tricks aside, though, one of the best reasons to take a Nurse is her ability - via a trigger on Take Your Meds - to heal a model up to full life and then Paralyze them. Use it defensively to heal Daw or his crew up to full life, use it offensively to paralyze annoying models that aren't even close to dead...really, Nurses are pretty good all around, and one of them usually isn't a bad investment.

Papa Loco: (Tormented Guild) Papa Loco is basically a lit stick of dynamite. Used in the right circumstances, he can be incredibly dangerous and destructive to your opponent's forces...or he can blow up in your hand and take your arm off. His Hold This ability is very handy for buffing up nearby models, and his Dynamite Punch and Throw Dynamite attacks are both very awesome...especially when Jack Daw steals them with his Twist and Turn upgrade. However, he also explodes when he dies, and once your opponent knows this, they'll be waiting for the chance to make him detonate near your own models.

Jack Daw's mobility can get around this somewhat, but pushing models this way and that, but at the end of the day, playing with Papa Loco is a risk. It might pay off in craters filled with the blasted remains of your enemies, or you get shot by a sniper and exploded in the middle of your crew. Use with caution!

Lust: (Tormented Ten Thunders) Lust is a plethora of positioning. Her Proper Positions can speed up your crew or move an enemy, and her Now Kiss can group up the enemy (and potentially dish out Slow), making her great in combination with AOE. She can also stack the decks in your favor and has the larger aura than the other Crossroad Seven. A great model when the strategy depends on the placement of models.

Ama No Zako: A non-Tormented Outcast model, but she synergizes well with Jack Daw's Crew all the same. She offers mobility, control, and toxic territory.

Freikorps Librarian: Another non-Tormented Outcast model with good synergy. The librarian can offer more healing to solidify the crew and add resilience.

Strongarm Suit: An all trades kind of model who can do a little bit of everything. However, calling it a jack wouldn't do it justice. With its (0) Action the Strongarm Suit can buff its defenses in close quarter combat, make its ok shooting attack very accurate, or increase its melee damage by +1. The latter is where it will do most harm. It sports a very impressive damage track, and can either get a [+] flip to damage or make the damage irreducible. Like the Freikorp leader, it also got a pair of rocket boots making it able to charge even though if it is tied up in melee, as well as ignoring other models and terrain. Although line of sight is still needed (then there is the upgrade Scout the Field...). Jack Daw can really speed the Suit up, which should put fear in every enemy model from turn one and onward. Scout the Field is a very good upgrade to take with it.

Taelor: Something Jack Daw's crews sometime lack is hitting power; Taelor will sort that problem! This hard hitting and very tough henchman can smite large groups of enemies or demolish single targets. She also packs outstanding anti-summoning tech, which lets her charge a freshly summoned model if it is within range. This usually means that it will end up in the ground where it came from. Is somewhat slow, so she will greatly benefit from Jack's movement tricks.

Bishop: The flurrying cage fighter will benefit a lot from Jack's movement shenanigans. Can easily be put into position by Jack, tarpit for a while, then being buffed by a Nurse to do +2 damage (possibly making him minimum damage 5). Followed by turning chunks of enemies into mush.

Lazarus: This lumbering giant will never have to use its AP to do such pedestrian things as walking in a Jack Daw crew. He'll probably be able to do plenty of damage from afar by turn one, with a little dedication from Jack. Brings plenty of Blast damage to the crew, which it lacks outside of the Crooked Men. Lazarus is also very resilient thanks to his high wound count, Armor, and ability to heal. Don't expect to gain a lot from Lazarus constructs synergies though in a Jack Daw crew.

Rusty Alyce: An all-round henchman who packs speed, great shooting, some anti-charge tech, and a very dangerous melee attack. Jack can help Rusty get to places even faster than she can on her own. She can also Rapid Fire, and Daw can help get her into position with his pushes. The movement tricks also gives her incredible threat range for charges. Will not do a lot for the crew in term of synergy, but she can snipe out the most pressing threats; even Masters. Her biggest drawback is that she is pretty card intensive to get rolling offensively. And if something can eat through her defenses, be sure to have Soulstones around if you want to keep her around.

Convict Gunslinger: Enforcer who can provide Jack with solid ranged attack on the cheaper end. Their gun has an inbuilt [+] attack flip, basically letting them ignore cover. They also have two very useful triggers. One that can dish out Slow, which goes well with the Drowned (they can Paralyze slowed models), it also make most models unable to get rid of Jack's Curses. The second trigger lets them take another shooting attack, which may not declare triggers. The Gunslingers also have Rapid Fire, thus they love Jack's free 3" push granted by Writhing Torment who can help them get into firing lanes easier. They aren't incredibly resilient, mainly relying on their fair amount of wounds to survive the fight.

Playing Against Jack Daw

When facing off against Jack, it's often better to attack his crew rather than Daw himself, as they're often serving to keep him powered up (particularly when Nurses or Twist and Turn are involved). If you do have to take on Jack, models with innate [+] flips on their attacks such as Convict Gunslingers or Punk Zombies are good at getting around the penalty imposed by his Oldest Magic ability. Otherwise, you'll just have to Focus and then attack until he's gone, but make sure you take out any healing he might have first; with Nurses and Freikorps Librarians, it's far easier for Jack to heal up than it is for you to cut him down.

When you have a Cursed upgrade on your model, consider whether it's more efficient to take the (2) Penance action to flip it upside down, or to just take your model's actions regardless. If Jack has Twist and Turn, remember that he can steal abilities from your Tormented Models, so if you have a dangerous model get tagged by Jack, it might not be a bad idea to just have it atone for its sins and lose a turn, rather than allow Jack access to its wonderful toys.

All in all, however, it's usually best to decide at the start of the game whether you need to kill Jack or not and then stick to your choice until the end. Going halfway is only going to waste your AP and get you stuck in with one of his crew's many tarpits of Tormented doom.

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