Hollow Waif, Outcast Totem (Leveticus)
Hollow Waif.jpg


Hollow Waifs are the Undead thralls of Leveticus; they are the lynch pin in Levi's rebirth cycle.


Waifs have better mobility than their past incarnation, with a Wk and Cg of 4. They have no other movement tricks of note.


The Decaying Embrace attack of Hollow Waifs is pretty inaccurate, with a low Ml 3 attack, a range of 1", and a lackluster damage profile of 1/2/5.

Waifs are not going to maim very much of anything.


Waifs have some impressive stats of Wd 4, Wp 5, and Df 6, which is not bad for zero stone models.


A Wp/Df tomes trigger that deals one damage, which is unpreventable to the attacking model when they fail the duel. It's rarely worth cheating in the damage, but flipping a high tomes, combined with the Waif's high stats is better than none and might deter enemies from Waif hunting.

To the Earth Return

The Waifs' only (0) action. They are able to discard a card to add a tomes to all duels for the remainder of the turn. This is incredibly useful in conjunction with the Unmade trigger.

Tips and Tricks

The Hollow Waifs are useful for one primary purpose, and that is to bring Leveticus back to life after he dies. At the end of the turn, if a Hollow Waif is within 6" of a friendly model with a soulstone cost of 6 or higher, you can sacrifice the Waif to unbury Leveticus in base contact with her before she's removed. They are, in a very real sense, Leveticus's "extra lives," so do what you can to protect them so that Leveticus doesn't find himself without a means of returning to the game after he's been killed.

Because they're essentially free models, there's no reason not to bring two Hollow Waifs in every crew led by Leveticus, unless you're trying out some other totem. In general, though, the ability to come back from the dead via Hollow Waifs will trump the benefits Leveticus might otherwise gain from other totems.

Playing Against Hollow Waifs

Leveticus uses Hollow Waifs to return to life after being killed or sacrificed, so despite their relative lack of usefulness, you'll probably end up trying to kill Hollow Waifs to keep Leveticus from respawning, or just to limit where he can respawn. With their high defense, Waifs can be difficult to take out, particularly if Leveticus is being careful with them, so when it comes time to bring them down, make sure that you fully commit to doing so. Killing all of Leveticus's Hollow Waifs severely limits his power level, as without them, he cannot return to life after being killed.

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