Hodgepodge Emissary, Outcast Enforcer


What's not to love about an old cowboy on a pack mule loaded with upgrades and support for crews? Ol' Hodgy can help with pushes, scheme markers, enemy pushing, and card control.


Neither the turtle or the hare, Hodgy sports both a 5 Wk and 5 Cg. However, one of his zero actions, A Weary Road, lets you discard a card to push up to 4". He does have tricks for moving friends and enemies as well with his main attack, Call of the Lost.


Hodgy only has one attack action on his card, (1) Call of the Lost. It has a good Ca of 6, targets Df, and can be used at range or in melee. The damage is a decent 2/3/4, but the triggers are the big thing here. The built in Crow trigger The Lonely Road forces the target to discard a card or become Slow, while a Tome triggers Empty Road, letting you push the target up to 4" towards the Emissary. Finally, Word of the Emissary goes off on a Mask and lets you make another attack, albeit one with no triggers. Note that The Lonely Road only requires the attack to succeed, so even if they prevent or avoid the damage they'll still have to deal with the Slow or discard.


Like the other Emissaries, Hodgy has Hard to Kill and Power Sink, letting him regenerate as his Crew scores VP. Otherwise, he's relying on the standard Emissary of Fate Df and Wp to protect himself.


As an Enforcer, Hodgy can only have one upgrade, and you're going to want one of his dedicated ones for sure.

Hodgepodge Conflux: gives him an Aura that gives all nearby allies a positive twist to attacks, and a (0) action to spend a Soulstone to draw then discard two cards. Similar to the generic Confluxes for the other factions.

Conflux of Avarice (Viktoria of Ashes): Gives Hodgy Quick Payment, an Aura that allows friendly models to draw a card after killing an enemy, then discard a card if they aren't a Mercenary. It also gives (0) Proper Motivation, which discards a card to push a friendly model and give them Focused +1 if they're Mercenary.

Conflux of Nothingness (Tara): Screaming From the Void gives friendly models that unbury near him Fast. (0) Into the Maw is an attack that needs a 4 of Tomes to succeed and targets Wp. The non-Leader target is buried, then unburies in base contact with Hodgy at the start of the next turn. Using this on your own models can be beneficial, moving them up, giving them Fast from his Aura, and keeping them out of danger for a turn.

Conflux of Plague (Hamelin): Gives Hodgy a positive twist against Blighted models, and gives him a (0) that gives out Blighted.

Conflux of the Damned (Jack Daw): Gives Ol' Hodge a trigger to his attacks that attaches a Cursed Upgrade to the target, the suit needed is already built in to his Ca stat. He also gets a (0) that reattaches a Cursed Upgrade that he started with to him. Hodgy also comes with his very own Cursed Upgrade, which the Conflux allows him to take regardless of Upgrade limits. The Suffocating Injustice deals the model cursed with it 2 damage whenever it Cheats Fate, and increases the damage suffered from Abilities and Conditions by 1.

Conflux of Conflict (von Schill): The Aura lets friendlies shoot into melee with no worry of randomizing. The excellently named (0) Sir, Please Keep It On lets him discard a card to give von Schill his The Shirt Comes Off upgrade back.

Conflux of Thunder (Misaki): The Thunder Calls lets Misaki take another action after killing an enemy, but only once per turn. The (0) action gives Hodgy another self push, making him even more mobile so he can stay near Misaki.

Aetherial Conflux (Leveticus): Unlocks the Four Horseman list for Leveticus. Pariah of Blood lets Levi hire non-Gremlin Horsemen, and (1) They Gather swaps the Emissary for a Horseman, but only on the first turn and only if you hired at least three Horsemen.

Conflux of Stolen Goods (Parker Barrows): This upgrade makes Hodgy a Bandit, and gives him the Sacks of Loot Ability and the (0) It Was Only a Loan tactical ability. Sacks of Loot lets you draw a card every time you hand out a Trinket, at the worst turning the Something In My Pack... action into a card cycling engine on top of giving out upgrades. It Was Only a Loan lets you discard upgrades from models at a decent range in exchange for drawing a card. As a bonus, if you discard a Trinket you get to drop an enemy scheme marker - a resource that Parker uses to reattach his own upgrades.

Tactics and Tips

The Hodgepodge Emissary is all about buffs and support, mostly through the Trinkets and Upgrades, but he does have some tricks on his base card. First off, Instinctual lets him take two different (0) actions. This is important because all but one of his upgrades give him good (0) actions. (0) A Weary Road discards a card in order to push the Emissary up to 4" in any direction, then drop a Scheme Marker in base contact, meaning that Hodgy can drop two a turn easily.

The other (0) he has on his base card is The Piecing Together, which can only be used while he has Destined +2 or better. He loses all his Destined stacks, then selects up to three nearby friendly models to push up to 3" in any direction and drop a Scheme Marker each.

These are a big part of the Hodgepodge's bag of tricks, and are given out through (1) Something In My Packā€¦, which goes off on a 7 of any suit. Trinkets can be given to any friendly non-Leader who does not already have one, and you can't give out the same trinket twice.

The Monkey's Paw lets the model discard two cards to gain Reactivate, but it can't summon and will be sacrificed at the end of the turn. Don't try to bury the model to save it either, the upgrade specifically prevents this.

Vitality Potion gives Regeneration +1.

Memento gives Companion.

Pretty Floral Bonnet gives Don't Mind Me.

Playing Against Hodgepodge Emissary

The Hodgepodge Emissary is a hefty investment in soulstones, but brings a lot of buffing and mobility to a faction that doesn't have a lot of access to pushes generally. It has a decent number of wounds and Hard to Kill, but with no defensive triggers it will go down to concentrated fire. Additionally, Hodgy is pillow-fisted with a damage track common to most minions in the game, much less Enforcers. The Slow it can hand out is obnoxious, but not the worst.

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