Hannah, Outcasts Henchman


Hannah is the chief librarian of the Freikorps. She brings an interesting mix of agression, denial and elasticity with the creative use of her trademark Make a New Entry Action.


Wk of 5 is a moderate speed at best and she has no Abilities or Actions that could add something to this. She won't win running contests for sure. However if you desperately need mobility, playing as Outcasts you have the option to buy the pricey Scramble Upgrade.



While combat is not necessarily Hannah's main task, she can bring some pain to those who wander too close to her. Hannah is a big model, being on a large 50mm base with a Rg 3" Ml Attack, so she can cover a big chunk of territory. (1) Ghost Censer has a decent stat and a solid damage track with blast opportunities. It even has a Trigger that forces Horror Duels on models damaged by the Attack. Be aware of the fact that this affects not just the original target but also the models that suffered blast damage.


This is a tricky one since Hannah doesn't possess any kind of ranged Attack. But this in itself doesn't mean she can't do anything nasty from a distance. With (0) Make a New Entry she can copy and immediately use a (1) Ca Action from a nearby model, be it an enemy or a friend. For example she can easily take a fellow Librarian's Attack Action. The other source of ranged warfare is her dedicated Upgrade, Ancient Tomes. The upgrade can send a model into the Void for a turn which is sometimes more useful than scratching some damage.


She is not bad at this but you should certainly pay attention moving her around because she is certainly more fragile than some other Freikorps big guns.

Her 9 Wd can melt easily under an assault by a professional killer. Of course she has the usual Armor +1 and Freikorps Suit combo that certainly helps and there are additional valuable Abilities in her bag: Counterspell and her Wp 8 make her a very troublesome target for most spells. In close quarter fights she has the beautiful Nether Flux as an additional layer of defense. This Ability strips any built in Suit from Sh, Ml and Ca stats of the enemy models. That makes it for your opponent much harder or even outright impossible to get out Attacks or valuable Triggers.


Playing as an Outcasts she has a nice range of options.

Ancient Tomes is her dedicated Upgrade. It is not a cheap one but can be used to great effect. The (1) Void Record Action buries a model temporary, so it obviously should be used before the target is activated. It has Rg 8 and needs a Mask to work and the Ca is "only" 6, but can be used even on Masters. So, if you have a very high card in your Hand, you can erase an enemy leader from the board for one turn. The spell is also very handy when there is a key model among the opponent's rank that gives some serious buff to nearby models or weakens your efforts with a nasty Aura or something like that. You send it to the Void, and there is no problem until the end of the Turn.

Scramble is another 2 SS piece but could be a good selection in case the board is full of severe terrain elements. And of course the potential Fast is always a charming option, so you can regularly include Oath Keeper.

Tactics and Tips

Hannah is a good center stone who shines mostly in those situations where the action takes place in and around the center. She has a magnificent reach with her melee weapon and this combined with her large base covers a lot of ground. Her Nether Flux Ability also gets its full potential when the opponent need to be close to Hannah.

Rainbow warrior

We already mentioned some possible use of Make a New Entry but the opportunities of these Action are near endless.

Playing in a Freikorps team she can copy the Strongarm's Charge Up Action (since she can use any kind of (0) Actions from a Freikorps model). She can heal herself or somebody nearby with the help of a Librarian or Lazarus. Can use the Freikorpsmann's Reference to the Field Guide Action or even the Trapper's Retreat to Cover if situation is hot. The possible interaction with Lazarus also worth some additional consideration. Hannah can copy the independent robot's Assimilate Action and that one allows the use of a (1) Action on any Construct model. If there is nothing better, it could be even Lazarus' Grenade Launcher Attack. This chain of Actions needs two 6+ cards to work but if you are lucky you can even fulfill that by flipping them out of your Deck.

In a Viktoria crew she can cast some of the buffing spells available on some Upgrade cards, provided they are not carried by Viktoria of Ashes since she can't copy from non-Freikorps Masters. Casting Sisters of Fury or Sisters in Battle not only saves a valuable AP of the sisters but - thanks to the wording - also affects Hannah herself.

These are just the most obvious uses of this Action and you should check other options when playing in a different crew, and always look for possible good steal opportunities from the opponent.

Ancient Tricks

Some paragraphs earlier, we also covered lightly the potential benefits of the spell that the Ancient Tomes Upgrade gives; however, it is important to underline that it could be used even as a defensive tool. When one of your models has already Activated and the enemy is massing a final assault against it you can simple bury your piece and provide an almost 100% protection. The spell can also be used with the strategic goals in mind. For example in Turf War you can guarantee that the buried model will be on the VP-scoring area at the end of the turn. You can even win a few inches of movement thanks to the Void Marker.

Leading a Crew

Since she is not a supporter type of model, she can pretty comfortably lead any kind of crew. On the other hand, it is important to spot good synergies between enlisted models and her Make a New Entry Action and/or his Void Record spell. For example the latter can be further capitalized by Void Wretches who can attack or heal buried models.

Strategies and Schemes

Hannah is not a sprinter so you should use her on situations when she doesn't need to move a lot. Among the strategies, Turf War and Squatter's Rights could work very well with her.

Building a Crew

She can obviously work well with a Freikorps army in case Von Schill can't or doesn't want to lead them. But other Outcasts models will just do fine with her too, especially those that have a nice (1) Ca Action that could be copied by Hannah.

Playing Against Hannah

Since she is not that fast, you can fairly easily guess the threat range of her most dangerous features. That will make your life easier when you plan your actions. She is most deadly in close combat, where she can lock down a good number of models and spam them with blast attacks. Try to avoid this and hurt her from the distance. Never ever forget that she can bury your Master. So in case she is close to your leader, make sure to have a good Wp and a very high card in reserve to deflect this.

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