freikorpsmann.jpgFreikorpsmann, Outcast Minion


The backbone of the dreaded mercenary group called Freikorps. As as an average sellsword (or sellpistol) the Freikorpsmann doesn't do anything particularly well but he can handle most critical situations and fill multiple roles on the battlefield quite soundly.


Wk of 5 is decent but not extraordinary. However the Unimpeded Ability can work wonders on boards where there is plenty of severe terrain. He also has an option to fire with his pistol and move some with the Reposition Trigger.



The Freikorps Hunting Knife is a deadly tool. There are not many 5 SS models around that have an Ml 6, so you can expect a reliable hit during close combat. Although the damage spread is not epic, a good Suit can trigger Critical Strike for added damage. The weapon's other Trigger is a fantastic way to prepare yourself to an incoming counterattack. Duck & Weave gives +2 to the Df for the rest of the Turn, which means your opponent has to deal with Df 7 on a lowly Minion.


The Clockwork Pistol has a very decent range but low damage output on the weak and moderate section, however the Severe damage is a mighty 5. Sh is also 5 which is decent but nothing extraordinary. It also comes with Critical Strike so there is a chance to inflict more harm. The other Trigger needs a Masks and gives 3" free Push.


For his cost the Freikorpsmann is a very durable unit. 5 Wd looks squishy but he has some tricks. Armor +1 mitigates incoming damage nicely, while the legendary Freikorps Suit protects him from Pulse and Blast damage. Wp 6 and Df 5 is very good for a 5 SS model. However the former can be boosted by Von Schill's A legend to Live Up To Ability - and in the meantime protects the Freikorpsmann to get killed from a single Attack if he has 2 or more Wounds. You can temporarily skyrocket his Df with the already mentioned Duck & Weave Trigger.

Tactics and Tips

The Freikorpsmann can be a frontline grunt, a moderate gunman or even an objective grabber sent up on one of the wings. Obviously he is more efficient when Von Schill leads the crew but he could be an option to other Outcasts Masters, especially when there is a lot of Severe terrain on the board. On the other hand, hiring him for 6 SS in a non-Outcasts crew is maybe too costly. The other Factions have good solutions for this kind of role for that many Soul Stones.

If the Freikorpsmann needs to hold some territory and the enemy prepares for a serious assault, you should use the Duck & Weave Trigger. If there are no enemy models in range yet, or you don't have a high enough Tomes in your Hand to ensure success, then you can use your own models. Attack a friendly model who will relent, Cheat in even a 1 of Tomes and hit the defender for 1 damage. There you go, Df 7 will probably save the day - or at least the Turn. You can even combine that with a Defensive Stance Action and the Freikorpsmann becomes a nasty bunker.

When you have the luxury to spend two APs in a ranged fight, you should always think about using a Focus Action first and shoot only once. The Clockwork Pistol has a damage spread of 1/2/5 which means a Severe hit is much better than say a Weak and a Moderate - and you have a much better chance to hit once with [+] on the Attack than hit twice without the [+].

Playing Against Freikorpsmann

He is not too annoying because he doesn't have much in the way of movement or other tricks - so he is predictable which always helps when you need to plan your turn. Things that ignore Armor are good against him. Remember, the higher the damage, the lower the effect of an Armor on the target. Always consider the resource cost when you think about eliminating a Freikorpsmann, since they can be very tough compared to their cost. For example if you need two full turns of movement and attacks from a Henchman to kill him then there must be a very good reason VP-wise to consider that as an optimal move.

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