freikorps_trapper.jpgFreikorps Trapper, Outcasts Minion


Relatively cheap, excellent Mercenary Minion focused on long ranged combat. With From the Shadows you can place him in a good spot at the start of the game and pepper the enemy with annoying shots. However if the enemy can get close to him, the situation can get grim quickly for the Trapper.


Wk of 5 and lack of Unimpeded Ability means he is not the fastest guy around but he has some tricks that boost their performance.

First we have the aforementioned From the Shadows Ability that lets you place him during setup anywhere on the board, provided it is at least 6" away from the opponent's Deployment Zone. This means that you can comfortably sit him on a tall building's roof from where he can see most of the board.

Then there is the Reposition Trigger with a built in Suit on his gun that gives a free 3" Push after a successful hit.

Finally he has a (0) Action usable in melee. At the cost of a card the Trapper can Push 4" in any direction to get out of harm.


As most Snipers of Malifaux, the Trapper has a good standard shooting range (14") which is doubled when he fires under the Focused Condition. This is enough to cover most of the board.

The Clockwork Rifle has an average Sh rating but gets an automatic [+] on the Attack Flips. This means that he can reliably hit his targets but a high Df model with a high card in Hand can escape his bullets if that is a high priority for the opponent.

The damage output is reasonable for a 6 SS unit and even can be enhanced a bit, thanks to the Critical Strike Trigger. This combined with the [+] from Focused Condition can net enough power to eliminate or seriously weaken an enemy model.

There is also a close combat option, but it is quite miserable. The Attack is good for having an engagement range and not much more. Really.


Df 5 and only 6 Wounds is not a life insurance in Malifaux but Armor +1 and the legendary Freikorps Suit sweetens the situation a bit. Still the best defensive resource of the Trapper is the range between him and his adversaries.

Tactics and Tips

Fire and Move

Since the shot has an auto triggered Push option, you should always consider the use of that to move into a more favorable position. For example if you need to eliminate a 1-2 Wd target at say 16" away you can try a Focused shot or move forward and fire once OR you can find another - preferably low Df - target to spring the Trigger from it (and damaging another model in the process). Reposition is also good to get out of LoS when the threat of retaliation is too high to remain on open ground. Don't forget, this Trigger works after succeeding so even if you BJ your damage flip or the enemy prevents all of the damage, you still has the right to Push 3".

Objective grabber

While From the Shadows prevents the model to take Interact Actions during the first turn, placing the Trapper in a critical position could allow him to act as a real objective grabber later. For example in a game of Squatter's Rights you can place him on a Squat Marker (preferably on the weaker wing of the opponent) and claim it on turn 2.

Retreat to Victory

While Retreat to Cover looks like an emergency Action it can be used as an offensive tool in some cases. In case the victory conditions forces you to move a great distance quickly with the Trapper, you can look for an enemy model that will lend a hand in the process. You move into engagement, use the (0) Action to Push forward without a Disengaging Strike and finish the Activation with the last Walk Action. In a perfect world the Trapper can cover 14" with this trick.

Playing Against Freikorps Trapper

The Trapper doesn't ignore Cover, so moving from Hard Cover to Hard Cover can lessen the threat significantly. He still gets a straight flip because of the built in [+] on the Attack, but the Damage Flip will most probably remain in the negative section, even during a Focused shot. Getting involved in close combat also helps since the Trapper is not Hans, who can pick his target even when shooting in melee. High Df models also has a good chance to dodge his bullets.

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