freikorps_specialist.jpgFreikorps Specialist, Outcasts Enforcer


Burn, Baby, Burn! Despite being quite slow, the Specialist is one of the most versatile thug out there, and as a Mercenary Enforcer anyone can use him. Naturally the Flammenwerfer is his trademark weapon but he is a dangerous foe in melee and has a lot of tactical tricks under his Freikorps Suit as well.


Below average Wk stat and no movement shenanigans around this is a slow piece, no question about it. This means that the first round will almost always be spent on positioning. As with most of the shooting heavy models, you must select it's place carefully, since any Action spent on movement is one less chance to do harm on the enemy.

However the few available Upgrades he can choose can enhance his mobility. More about those later.



The Hunting Knife doesn't have any serious damage output but the high Ml stat makes it a decent emergency option in case the Specialist finds himself in the middle of the battle. What is more, the Punctured Tanks Ability is a good deterrent force, and the enemy will think twice before he tries to bring down the guy with a flamethrower in close combat.


This is the real deal. The Flammenwerfer has a decent range, a good damage spread with blast options and a nice baked in Trigger. To sweeten the deal even more, we can mention the fact that it ignores cover. So no, hiding behind a bunker won't save the target.

If you really want to get some blast markers you should go with a Focused shot. That will give [+] on the damage flip, so not counting any reducing effects, you can cheat up the damage after you won the Duel.

The weapon comes with 3 beautiful Triggers. The first needs a Rams which is already on the Sh stat, so you can (almost) always go with it. You're Flammable gives Burning +1 for each Rams to anyone damaged by this Attack. That means even the models who suffered Blast damage will get a damage point or two more at the end of the turn. With a high enough Rams in your hand and another high card flipped or cheated in the damage will let you hand out 3+2 damage on many models if they happen to be too close to each other.

Flush them Out forces a Horror Duel on top of the normal damage. This could be handy if the extra damage from You're Flammable is not that important since the TN12 Duels can drain the opponent's Hand and even get Paralyzed on a model or two.

The third Trigger is not about direct harm, rather a tactical strike so we talk about this in the Tactics and Tips section.


8 Wd is a good start here, especially with Armor +1 and Freikorps Suit that protects him from Pulses and Blasts. The only problem is his weak Df stat, which makes him an easy target. Still the enemy must commit serious resources to get rid of him and if he is killed from up close, he can throw out some Burning as post mortem gifts. Please note that this will effect all models and even Freikorps Suit doesn't protect against Burning, so watch out when you want to place your other models near the Specialist.


Playing as an Outcasts you only have two options right now. Scramble is a very costly Upgrade but it could enhance mobility considerably, especially when you have to maneuver in and around severe terrain. Oath Keeper only costs 1 SS and gives a nice tactical weapon: the ability to get Fast for a turn. This means that the theoretical threat range of a single shot goes up from 14" to 18", but more importantly the range of a Focused shot increases from 10" to 14" - and this could be game decider.

If you enlist the Specialist in a different crew you will have the option to get an Upgrade from that Faction's pool. Take some time and consider those options before finalizing your crew.

Tactics and Tips

Bane of Markers

The Specialist is a real beast when you have to deal with enemy Markers. The Wildfire Trigger on his gun simply discards all Scheme Markers within 4" of the target. Remember, you can get this off from a friendly model - if it has Armor, then most probably this will cost you only 1 Wd.

Clear the Area Ability is a free chance to remove Corpse and Scrap Markers within 4" of the Specialist at the end of his Activation. So if you are facing some summoner, you should keep the Specialist close to the frontline to capitalize on this.

Cure for Paralyze

Maybe you won't use the Move or Burn Tactical Action in every game but it is critical that you keep this option in your mind. Getting rid of effects like Slow and Paralyzed is golden, especially when your opponent thinks that he have taken care of your key model by paralyzing it, and all of a sudden it can be activated as normal. The range is huge (10") while the cost (1 damage) is minimal.

The Focus One-Two

This one requires a small amount of setup list building-wise. You'll need a model with an 'obey' type effect (such as Hamelin or Jack) and I Pay Better (or some other way of getting a free focus). Begin activation by discarding for I Pay Better to gain focus, unleash fiery death upon hapless victims for (1), then focus again for (1). Later in the turn, obey (or twist) him to fire that flammenwerfer again. Why is focus important? So you can cheat for moderate or severe to get more damage and those delicious blast markers. It also gives you a better chance at hitting a trigger you want. The focus one-two lets you get two of those focused shots per turn for a minimal resource cost.

This trick is also able to react to circumstances. Enemy hard to wound? Discard, focus, fire and then move or fire a crappy shot. Staring down Tosh and his minion bubble? Discard, focus, focus, flammenwerfer. Specialist dies from being dogpiled on account of laying down a rude amount of blast markers each turn? Simply use the one-two with someone else, albeit, less effectively.

Join the Guild; Burn a Witch

Sonnia and Sam Hopkins love this guy almost as much as Yan Lo loves taunting model builders. He sets things on fire really well, thanks to his flammenwerfer's baked in ram, making way for their visions of flame abilities. Since he puts out blasts, he benefits exponentially from the Witchling Handler's burn them all! ability. Buddy him up with Abuela to get that effective third AP allowing him to move, focus and fire, or focus, focus and fire and so on. Form a triangle-shaped fire base with Sonnia, Specialist and Papa, flip-flopping hold this! between both of them, as it ends when papa activates, not at end of turn. If the general area is not on fire after you have tried all of this, I commiserate with you over your flips, my friend.

Playing Against the Freikorps Specialist

This is not an easy task since he has good tools and sufficient defensive capabilities. First: don't cluster your models too close to each other. Second: make sure you don't provide an easy target for his nasty Triggers (like the Scheme Marker removing one). Third: if you need to bring him down, do it with a few high damage profile hits. Peppering him with 1 or 2 damage hits will only inflict 1 Wd and that is the least efficient way.

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