freikorps_librarian.jpgFreikorps Librarian, Outcasts Enforcer


The Librarian is often considered just a very good healing machine by most players, but she is much more than an adept medic on the battlefield. She is a well-rounded piece with nice attacking and utility options that could help you even more than a simple Healing flip.


With Wk of 5 she has an average mobility and unfortunately no other Ability or Trigger helps her out in that department. Still it is not that awful since the Librarian likes to remain a little bit behind the frontlines.


Ancient Words is a powerful toy. First it is a Ca Action that can be used in melee and ranged combat as well. This also means that the attack can bypass defenses like Incorporeal and makes a lot of Triggers useless which work against Sh or Ml stats. The damage spread is also nice and starts with a healthy 2. The Resonance Trigger could be a life saver when you're in dire need of an area attack.


Her average Df and Wd of 6 means she can melt quite quickly in face of a serious enemy offense, so you need to position the model with caution. On the other hand, Armor +1 mitigates incoming damage nicely, while the legendary Freikorps Suit protects from Pulses and Blasts. Being close to Von Schill can yield an extra protection layer with the sort of Hard to Kill buff. And of course she can also target herself with his Healing Energy.


If you hire the Librarian in an Outcasts crew, there are only two Upgrades she can take, and none of them is really a must have. Oath Keeper is a cheap way to have an option for a Fast turn but in most cases you will do better if you put that on a more aggressive team member. While Scramble could enhance the mobility a lot, as it was stated, most of the time you don't need to travel that much with the Librarian. So paying 2 SS for this Upgrade is usually more like a waste of points than a good investment.

As a Mercenary she could be hired by any Master, so the Librarian can get the corresponding Faction's Upgrades too. Consider those when you make your list even though the investment will be already high because of the Mercenary tax (+1 SS).

Tactics and Tips

Healing machine

The most direct use of the model is the healing factory mode. Healing Energy is not without cost since it needs a 7+ card to work but usually one can spare a middle card from his Hand when you are not lucky to flip it from the Deck. Provided the Librarian was hired by an Outcasts leader she can take this Action twice which gives a really decent amount of healing. The Action has a moderate range of 6", so the Librarian can be positioned a little bit deeper which helps her survive longer.

Remember that you can use Healing Energy twice if the the leader is an Outcast, not if your declared faction is Outcasts. This means that you can benefit from Healing Energy twice if Misaki and Tara are your Masters regardless of faction. This also works with Ama No Zako when you take her as a Leader.
Please note that the Furious Casting Tactical Action does NOT allow you to take Healing Energy three times on a target in an Outcasts crew. It works only on Attack Actions (ie. Ancient Words) but not on Tactical ones.

While the Librarian could work very well in almost any crew, especially under an Outcasts Master, she can really shine with Viktoria of Ashes. Fates Entwined Ability lets all Sister models heal when one of them makes a Healing flip. This means that if you target any of the Viktorias or Vanessa with Healing Energy, then ALL Sister models can make that flip. And this works even if you cast the Action on a model with no damage suffered.

Bodyguard with a twist

The Nether Fluctuation Ability is often overlooked as a tool when fielding the Librarian. This one removes any inherent suits associated to Ml, Sh and Ca stats. So if you position the Librarian close to one of your valuable models she can not only heal it easily but can also act as an indirect bodyguard. Without the built in suit, many melee beatsticks out there will struggle to get out their precious Triggers. A Mature Nephilim can't use any of his Triggers under the influence of this Ability, a Bete Noire won't be able to get Paralyzed on her target, Howard Langston couldn't Decapitate - just to name a few examples. Long range spell-casting would also face dramatically failure rate due to the lack of built-in suits. In general this would either mean 75% less chance of casting (simple math) and/or force enemy master/henchmen to burn their precious stones on suits.

Playing Against the Freikorps Librarian

Kill it fast. It is easier to say than done but manageable with some good long range weapons. Make sure you finish it before giving her a chance to Activate and possibly fully heal herself back.

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