Doc Mitchell, Outcast Totem (Parker Barrows)


Doc is an insignificant Minion who is bullied into helping Parker Barrows and his gang by being their field medic. When he's not being shouted at or busy stitching up his erstwhile allies, Doc is plotting his escape with a little something special he keeps in that briefcase.


Doc has an average Wk, comparable to other models in Parker's thematic crew. He does have the "Doc! Get Over Here!" ability, which for a card in your hand allows you to push towards a friendly Bandit. This can help Doc keep up with the mobile Bandits that sometimes come with Parker, or just keep him by his bosses' side.



Doc isn't a fighter. His Doctor's Bag has a subpar Ml and Rg, with a pitiful damage track. He also lacks a Cg and with no ability to Focus due to being Drunk and Pathetic, he needs to be extra lucky to get above weak damage.


Doc's hiding a special something in that bag of his, for the day when he is sure to escape from the Barrows Gang. This Hidden Flintlock has a subpar Sh and Rg, much like his Doctor's Bag, but an astonishingly high damage track. Sadly, Doc won't likely be pulling this out often in a game. This is due in part to his Drunk and Pathetic ability, meaning he can't even focus to reliably hit a target; and in part to this attack's rider text- if Doc uses this attack within Line of Sight to a friendly Parker, he is sacrificed. This means this is best used either in desperation, or after Parker has died. Even then, Doc can only use this once a turn, making it unreliable at best.


Doc has an average Df and Wd, but a below average Wp. His Drunk and Pathetic ability both increases his resilience by making him immune to Poison, but makes him less resilient by making him immune to Defensive as well.

Doc's claim to fame is his tactical action, Stitch Up. For an easy target number, Doc can heal a target model within range. This includes himself, so in an emergency he can heal himself up- although, he is probably served better by healing someone he can hide behind, like Parker.

Tactics and Tips

Parker drags Doc around for one main reason - his ability to provide healing in the middle of a job. Stitch Up will be taking up the bulk of Doc's AP, as thanks to "Doc! Get Over Here!", he will rarely need to spend AP to walk. Not only does Stitch Up provide a healing flip for a moderate card, it's trigger "This'll Numb The Pain." gives the target Hard to Wound +1 until it next activates. Between healing flips, Hard to Wound, and the many Soulstones that Parker tends to bring/ generate over the course of the game, Doc can keep one or two models at full health even against a concerted effort by your opponent. Add in that many Outcast models have access to Hard to Kill, and you can infuriate opponents by healing above the Hard to Kill threshold over and over again.

This healing can make Doc a priority target for your opponent. Be sure to use cover and/ or other models to shield him, because Doc can't survive long against anyone trying to do him in. Conversely, with the prevalence of Frame for Murder in scheme pools in Gaining Grounds 2017, Doc is a legitimate target due to being a Minion, as well as a model your opponent will want to remove.

Playing Against Doc Mitchell

Doc Mitchell is a support piece that cannot defend himself in combat, nor can he really be a threat by himself. With only average or subpar defenses, he should fold to a charge from most models. Just be cautious when going for him as he'll often be hiding behind a larger, more imposing model.

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