Convict Gunslinger, Outcast Enforcer
Convict Gunslinger.jpg
"Six shots. More than enough to kill anything that moves."
-Revolver Ocelot, Metal Gear Solid

Armed with as many guns and rounds as he can carry, the Convict Gunslinger lives on borrowed time, moving from town to town, job to job, dealing violence when necessary to live...but to live free.


Convict Gunslingers are very dangerous Mercenaries focused on ranged combat. They're both durable and deadly, though they are a bit one-dimensional in that their answer to most every problem is to shoot it until it stops moving. They're Rare 2, however, so you'll only be able to hire two Gunslingers at one time.


Convict Gunslingers aren't very mobile, with only a Walk of 4 and a Charge of 6.


Offense is where Convict Gunslingers really shine. Their Collier Pistol has a high Sh of 6, a good range (both at a distance and in melee), and a decent damage spread of 2/3/4. Furthermore, they have an innate +flip on all their attack duels, making them very accurate and able to shoot into cover without much concern (as their +flip will cancel out the -flip on the attack that is imposed by cover).

Convict Gunslingers also possess the Rapid Fire action, which allows them to spend 2 AP and a discarded card to take three shooting attacks against a single model. Given the accuracy of the Gunslinger, this can sometimes be overkill against weaker models, but it's a great way to put some serious damage on larger models.

Their gun has two great triggers, the first of which is Trigger Happy, which allows the Convict Gunslinger to take an additional attack against the model they just shot, though this additional attack cannot declare any triggers. When used in conjunction with Rapid Fire, this allows the Gunslinger to toss out a potential of six attacks against a single model (three Rapid Fire shots, each with an additional attack from Trigger Happy).

The second trigger on their Collier Pistol is Aim Low, which makes their target Slow after damaging them. It's a great trigger, even if it's not exactly a polite sort of place to shoot someone.

To round out the package, Convict Gunslingers are Relentless, making them utterly immune to Horror Duels. They've been to prison and seen some stuff, and now nothing phases them.


Convict Gunslingers are fairly resistant models despite their low Defense and average Willpower. Bulletproof +1 makes them resistant against Shooting attacks, and their Quick Draw trigger has the potential to deal damage right back to anyone that fires a shot at them and misses. Combined with a good number of wounds, this makes Convict Gunslingers very resistant against Shooting attacks and still able to endure more other forms of punishment.


In their native Outcast faction, Oathkeeper is great for Convict Gunslingers, as it gives them a turn of Fast, allowing them to move into position and then unleash a torrent of Rapid Fire against their opponent.

Scramble can be useful in improving their movement speed up to something approaching a quick model, though this does make the Gunslinger a bit of a spendy model.

When hired into Guild, the Lead Lined Coat upgrade can give the Gunslinger Armor +1 to make him more resistant, while the Plant Evidence upgrade can be good for a last minute push to finish off a scheme such as Line in the Sand or Protect Territory.

Resurrectionists can use Unnerving Aura to make the idea of closing into combat with the Gunslinger less appealing, forcing them to fight him at a distance, where the Gunslinger can make the most out of his Bulletproof and Quick Draw abilities.

Arcanists have access to Imbued Energies which, like Oathkeeper, can be discarded to give the Gunslinger a very useful turn of being Fast.

When working alongside Neverborn, Gunslingers have access to Pact, which allows them to cheat a flipped Black Joker. While not a great upgrade for most models, the high number of cards that a Gunslinger tends to flip over the course of the game actually makes this a decent choice for them, as the odds of them hitting a black joker at some point are pretty good.

Gremlins can give the Gunslinger the Dirty Cheater upgrade, which heals him whenever he cheats a flip. This is less useful on the Gunslinger than most models, due to the innate +flip on his attacks making him more accurate and less likely to have to cheat to hit his target, but it's still a good source of healing when needed.

Ten Thunders brings access to Recalled Training, which makes the Gunslinger stupid accurate and more likely to hit his Quick Draw trigger for a turn. Watch out for that Black Joker, though.

Tactics and Tips

Convict Gunslingers aren't fancy, so they don't require a whole lot of work to get the most out of them. They work well in just about any crew, so long as you don't expect them to run around the board dropping scheme markers. They're slow but are great at killing things, so if you play to their strengths they won't let you down.

Tara gets good use out of Gunslingers, as making them Fast via Pull the Void (Knowledge of Eternity upgrade) or her Temporal Shift action makes them very deadly models. They're also good for serving as a bit of a delivery system for models she's buried via her crew's Glimpse the Void trigger; once the model is buried, the Gunslinger can kill a model at a distance with their Rapid Fire action and Trigger Happy triggers, which forces the buried model to unbury next to the killed model. Additionally, if you are running a lot of void beasts Convict Gunslinger gets rid of your excess cards (raising your beast's defense) while giving good value out of them.

Viktoria of Ashes, Viktoria of Blood, or Vanessa can use the Howling Wolf Tattoo upgrade to allow the Convict Gunslinger to take his Rapid Fire action without having to discard a card. If you're running two Gunslingers, this can be a great help and keeping cards in your hand.

Masters with access to the Obey action - such as Perdita, Hamelin, Zoraida, and Vasilisa - can get some very good use out of Obeying the Gunslinger to shoot an enemy. With his high accuracy and innate +flip to his attacks, they attack has a good chance of hitting, and if you do so on a mask, Trigger Happy will even get you an additional attack out of a single Obey.

Playing Against Convict Gunslingers

Try to avoid fighting fire with fire. Convict Gunslingers are resistant to Shooting attacks and can even shoot you back with their Quick Draw defensive trigger. Hiding behind cover is less effective against Gunslingers than other models due to their innate +flip on their attacks, but it's still better than standing out in the open.

When possible, use Melee or Casting attacks to fight the Gunslingers...or just get out of their way. Their slow speed makes it difficult for them to quickly redeploy, so you can sometimes avoid them just by staying out of sight on the other side of the board. Making the Gunslinger Slow will prevent him from Rapid Firing against you and will go a long ways towards minimizing his offensive capabilities.

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