Candy, Neverborn Henchman


Candy is Pandora's Henchman. She focuses on Wp attacks and supporting crews with healing and activation control.


She's got Wk 5, but that's about it. Between that and Casting Expert she still has a pretty respectable threat range, since she can walk twice and then attack.

The (0) action on the Best Behaviour upgrade can let Candy teleport back to your deployment zone from anywhere on the board. She won't appear there till next turn so it's a bit clunky to use but it still allows for some pretty drastic repositioning.


Candy has two attacks, one melee and one ranged. The former is Self Loathing and it is exactly the same as Pandora's except that she's not quite as good at pulling it off. It's resisted with Wp and uses the damage profile of any close attack belonging to the target. Used on the right model this can be quite effective, but against crews lacking heavy melee attacks it can be rather lackluster.

Her second attack is Wail, another Ca attack against Wp, but this can be done from 8" away. The damage spread is mediocre, although the Severe has a Blast. This attack has a Trigger with a Tome that gives the target Mood Swing, the same condition passed out by Pandora's Incite action. It allows Candy's controller to force the opponent to activate that model instead of another.


Df 6 and Wd 9 aren't anything to sneeze at, but most high-cost models will be able to to deal with her fairly easily. Don't forget that she has Manipulative 12, meaning enemies wishing to attack her before she activates must past a TN 12 Wp duel.

Candy's Goody Basket is a standard heal with a range of 2" that can be used to keep her alive if need be. It's generally best put to use topping up her wounds to get the most points possible from Bodyguard.

The Charm action on Candy's Best Behaviour upgrade can make her very hard to attack directly, but it uses up all her AP for the turn. It's primarily useful if Candy is parked somewhere crucial to the objective (like near a Squat Marker) and you either don't need her to attack or don't think you have the cards to hit anything. Hitting Candy or moving her with something like Lure is very hard after you use this action, and she can still contribute to the fight with her auras and engagement range. The other part of Best Behaviour can be used as a get out of jail for free card if something nasty enough to get around Charm does come to kill her.


Candy doesn't have much use for Soulstones other than for defensive purposes (damage reduction, positive flips). She only needs a 4 of Rams or higher to heal and her other actions don't require suits at all. If you really need to get the Alright Already! Trigger off you may need to spend a stone for a Tome, though.

Tricks and Tips While Joining a Crew

Candy's MO is to really annoy your opponent. She's not easy to get rid of and in the right position can help to dictate how your opponent activates models. Sweets can be used to set up a powerful combo to with Mood Swings to paralyze a key enemy model. She can do this herself by hitting the trigger on Wail, but it's generally easier to pull off if your crew includes Pandora or Iggy. Sours can be used in a similar manner when combined with the Melancholy ability found on the Depression upgrade to deal 3 damage to enemy models by forcing them to activate last.

Her large engagement range is great in Strategies like Squatter's Rights and Interference and combined with the Fears Given Form upgrade she can deal damage or force your opponent to spend cards just by engaging things.

Candy is good choice when Bodyguard and/or Murder Protege are in the Scheme Pool, particularly if you give her Best Behaviour or another defensive upgrade. Best Behaviour can also be useful for repositioning her to deal with enemy scheme runners that are would otherwise complete Breakthrough or Plant Evidence unopposed.

Her main downside is the relatively low accuracy of her attacks so she's usually better as a blocking piece rather relying on her to hit stuff for damage. Also, don't expect to get huge mileage out of Goody Basket to heal friendly models. It's nice to have a heal as an option, but the range is short and the payoff isn't usually worth repositioning her. Generally she'll be using this ability on herself, particularly if she's kitted out with Fears Given Form.

Tricks and Tips While Leading a Crew

Strategies and Schemes

Candy can be good at completing Deliver a Message when she is equipped with the Best Behavior upgrade. She can spend a turn moving into position and in the following turn, after completing the scheme, use her Run Away Home to disappear. Her 3" engagement range makes the delivery even easier as she can stay out of many leaders' engagement range while still delivering.

Candy is partticularly well suited to the Gaining Grounds 2016 scheme 'Show of Force'. As a Henchman she can contribute two upgrades towards this scheme while creating a passive aura of de-buffs enemy models will have to deal with. Fears Given Form is a great upgrade for her for this scheme as are any others which increase her survivability.

Building a Crew

Candy works well with anyone that targets Wp or can reduce the enemy's ability to resist Wp-based attacks. This includes:
Insidious Madness
Widow Weaver

Starting Candy

Candy's not typically a model you would start with. Her newest incarnation is included in No Shelter Here, Pandora's starter box. If you'd like to pick up the old metal Candy by herself you'd want to look at grabbing some of the models mentioned above.

Playing Against Candy

Be cautious about the Sours ability if you play Death Marshals against Candy. If they are the last model activating and die of Sours, a friendly model may come out of the Pine Box. If it can still activate, it will be affected by Sours again. Similar effects can pop up with Tara's crew.

Candy's Wp is actually less good than her Df, so if you can target that you're better off. Hit her after she's activated so you don't have to worry about Manipulative and you can put a pretty big dent in her since she can't mitigate damage except by spending Soulstones. She might take a bit of effort to remove, but as a pretty common Bodyguard choice and general nuisance of a model it can be worth your while to do so.

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