Big Jake, Outcast Enforcer

"You can call me Father, you can call me Jacob, you can call me Jake. You can call me a dirty son-of-a-bitch, but if you ever call me Daddy again, I'll finish this fight." - Big Jake


A fairly low-cost objective-runner with a lot of special tricks for survival and control, Big Jake can appear out of nowhere to turn the tide of the game.

As a mercenary, Big Jake can be seen in any Crew.


Big Jake has just an average Wk and Cg. He can get a little bit of an extra push with a trigger on his melee attack.



Big Jake's (1) Tomahawk has a strong Ml score with an average damage spread. His damage gets higher (+1) with a built-in tome trigger Not Hardly on the turn he gets resummoned with I Thought You Were Dead.

On a mask, his trigger You're Comin' With Me pushes the target 3" in any direction then places Big Jake in base contact. If he can get a charge with two masks in hand, he can move a tremendous distance while beating someone up. (maximum 6" charge + 1" reach + 3" push + 3" push + 1" placing across the model for a total of 14" movement under ideal circumstances.)


Big Jake's (1) Thrown Tomawk has a decent but not high Sh, a somewhat short projectile range, and average damage spread. As projectile attacks go, it's thoroughly average, but it's often great to have the choice of a projectile attack.


Big Jake has middling Df and Wp and very slightly above-average Wd for his cost. He's okay defensively, but not amazing...

...except that you can't quite kill him like you thought you could. If you hired him and he gets killed or sacrificed, he comes back at the start of Turn Five, in base contact with any friendly model. He comes back badly wounded, but without Slow and able to Interact.

Ultimately, he's probably going to die every game you play with him, but it's okay, he'll get better.

Scheming and Control

Big Jake has a lot to offer in terms of scheming and control.

He counts as two models for the Strategy, which can be amazing for strategies like Turf War and Reconnoiter thanks to I'll Finish This Fight. (Note that he doesn't count as two models for the enemy for things like Reckoning, though, since his ability only affects his controller's VP.)

He's also got Don't Mind Me, so he can take Interact actions while engaged. Big Jake is likely to spend more time doing hit-and-run attacks than jumping into combat, but he can jump in the middle of a fight and do what needs to be done, and if he dies afterward, well, at least he'll come back.

He also provides powerful card control with (0) Consult the Ancestors, which is his only (0) Action but causes him 2 damage, which can quickly drain away his very limited resilience if used too often. Consult the Ancestors lets you look at the top two cards of your deck and put them back in any order, or discard them. This can provide tremendous control over flips that usually can't be affected by anything, such as shooting into melee, flips on whether or not to continue the game to another round, and flips on tables for special story encounters and other special abilities.

Tips and Tricks

Big Jake will probably spend a lot of time behind cover, moving into position and earning his Crew VP. He has some decent attacks and movement tricks, but his biggest trick is appearing out of nowhere at the end of the game, potentially charging someone for a sudden burst of damage and movement, and turning the course of the game by putting a model (or two models, really!) in the right place at the right time.

Playing Against Big Jake

Big Jake is pretty easy to kill, but expect him to come back if you do (unless you can manage to destroy his whole Crew, which is possible in a smaller game). Killing him quickly can remove mid-turn Strategy points and special card-control tricks, so it's still worth it to kill him, especially since he doesn't particularly have many defenses.

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