Beckoner, Neverborn Minion
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Why yes, the Beckoners are a lovely model that the Neverborn have access to. Residing comfortably in Lynch's lists she is often overlooked by players of other Masters. This is a mistake, as Beckoners provide much more than just a way to cause Brilliance at range.


Beckoners are reasonably quick, but generally prefer to hang back behind your other model and provide ranged support. Their Lure action is a great way to boost the mobility of your other models or move them back out of harm's ways, and with the automatic Not that Kind of Girl Trigger Beckoners can even reposition themselves while luring away like crazy.


Beckoners have two attack actions, but only one of them deals damage.

(1) Lure can contribute indirectly to your crew's offense by dragging an activated opponent's model from 18" away, or moving one of your own threats out of its activation. It's easier to resist than the Rotten Belle's Lure, but Ca 6 vs Wp is still respectable, and against friendlies you only need to make the target number.

(1) Despicable Promises is a low powered ranged attack with the same attack stat as the Beckoner's Lure. Since it's not a projectile attack it doesn't scatter in close combat and can be used while the Beckoner is engaged. The main effect of this attack is to cause Brilliance through its Trigger, but it can also be used opportunistically to finish off weakened models. One focused attack is usually better than two if you're going for damage, and don't forget that it targets Wp, which can be an Achilles heel for some models.


The Beckoners have poor Df and their 7 wounds aren't going to last long against a determined attacker. The best way to keep Beckoners alive is to keep them back from the action and give your opponent more immediate threats to deal with.

In a pinch they can hit something with Despicable Promises and then use their ability Don't Bite The Hand to put them on a negative flip to hit. They can also use the Trigger on Lure to push themselves out of combat if neccesary, but both of these options rely on you getting an activation with the Beckoner and hitting with her attack first. Using terrain to make it hard to reach her is a good option (the push from Not that kind of Girl can help a lot), as is keeping something nearby to support the Beckoner (Uh-oh, turns out you're engaged with this Depleted instead). The things you want to kill are coming toward her one way or another, so make a plan to intercept them.

Tactics and Tips

(1) Pleasant Distraction affects every model with LoS to the Beckoner and locks models you've tagged with Brilliance out of scoring a lot of objectives. If your Beckoner doesn't have to be nearby to provide the Brilliance then all the better, but if not, then hitting something with Despicable Promises and then using Pleasant Distraction can make it impossible for them to score for the round, or at least force them to deal with your Beckoner before doing so.

Collodi, Zoraida and Lucius can all spend their AP to make Beckoners Lure more outside their normal activation (Note: The Hungering Darkness cannot since Heed My Voice only affects enemies). This can get a low Wp model a long way from anywhere it wants to be. It's quite AP intensive but if you really want something dead pulling it 18" towards your lines, away from any support is a great way to start.

Despicable Promises is your go to attack for spreading Brilliance around; make use of it by firing directly into combats with models that benefit from it (like The Illuminated) or models threatening the Beckoner in close combat.

The Party Never Ends and Sweetest Fare have short ranges and typically require the Beckoner to be closer to the action than she'd like to be. Don't push your luck trying to use these abilities, if something is already locked in melee with your other models then it's fair game, but they're likely to go for your Beckoner if you give them the opportunity.

A lot of the Beckoner's abilities require suited Triggers which are conveniently built in for her. There are a few models that can strip the suits from her Ca stat (Hannah, Freikorps Librarians), so watch out for them and try to pick other targets for the Beckoner.

Playing Against Beckoner

She's squishy. Df 4 and 7 wounds is not that hard to break. Focus to get around the [-] if you're Brilliance'd. She costs 7SS, so it can be worth it to trade models to get her off the table with a suicide attack run at it. Better than letting your opponent be able to pick off your models one at a time.

Long range shooting models (Freikorps Trappers, Nino Ortega) can make short work of Beckoners in the early turns. Preferably something with range longer than 18" so you don't get lured towards her and eaten, or a way to hit her and then move out of line of sight.

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