Ashen Core, Outcast Enforcer


The Ashen Core is a byproduct of the death and rebirth cycle of Ashes and Dust. It is hardy but immobile, and mostly exists to reunite with the Dust Storm and turn back into Ashes and Dust.

If the Dust Storm dies, you won't get Ashes and Dust back, but the Ashen Core can still be a useful model. It boosts other Constructs, pulses out damage that hurts only enemies, and takes a few activations to kill.



Seriously, the Ashen Core has a Wk and Cg of --. It just sits there. It can be pushed or moved by other models, but that's it. It cannot move by its own power in any way.

However, the Ashen Core can add to the mobility of other models using Overcharge, which gives a target Construct Fast. Note that this has no resist, and can affect any model, not just a friendly model. In theory, this could have some synergy with Tara, who likes giving enemy models Fast.


While the Ashen Core doesn't have any Attack Actions, it does have some offensive potential.

First, it has Polluted Wasteland. Enemy living models that Activate within 3" of the Ashen Core suffer 2 damage that can't be reduced. This isn't a great offense, though, since an enemy living model that activates within 3" then has plenty of opportunity to just kill your Ashen Core and stop Ashes and Dust from coming back. Ideally, you don't want enemy models to be activating anywhere near the Ashen Core. If they do, Polluted Wasteland gives a little compensation.

Second, it can use Industrial Age. All enemy models within 6" of the Ashen Core must make a Df -> 11 duel or take 2 damage. Most models will make that duel easily, but you can drain enemy cards when they need to cheat with this, and sometimes you'll catch a model anyway. If the Ashen Core uses this twice, that can do 4 damage.


The Ashen Core has a Df 1. Because it just sits there.

Other than that, though, it's very resilient! It has a Wp 8, and thanks to Amalgamation is immune to all Conditions and being buried.

In a fight, it will soak up plenty of damage, thanks to Armor +2 and Hard to Wound 2, Don't count on surviving a sustained assault, though: the Ashen Core has only Wd 6, and it doesn't really have any way to get away if there's an enemy in position to attack it.


The Ashen Core carries any Upgrades that Ashes and Dust has, and those go back to Ashes and Dust if the Dust Storm and Ashen Core reunite. Note that Scramble doesn't help the Ashen Core much, though: it still can't Walk or Charge.

Tactics and Tips

The Ashen Core gets a full 2AP Activation, even on the turn when it's summoned.

Most often, what the Ashen Core will do is sit there, and maybe give a friendly Construct Fast, then merge back to Ashes and Dust. It's nice to have a nearby Construct that can benefit from this.

Note that you can't make the Dust Storm Fast, because the Dust Storm is immune to Conditions.

Remember, on the other hand, that the Ashen Core isn't Slow when summoned! Slow is a Condition, and the Ashen Core is immune to those!

If you're playing Ashes and Dust cautiously, the Ashen Core will be near a table edge, within a turn's motion from the Dust Storm.

Playing Against Ashen Core

If you have a chance to attack the Ashen Core, take it! It's easier to kill than the Dust Storm, and if you kill it, you've stopped the Ashes and Dust rebirth cycle, destroying a powerful enemy model for good.

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