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Lucas McCabe is the first master on a horse that can get off his horse at will, or if his horse dies. The downside is he can never get back on his trusty mount. On his horse he has the fastest base wk/cg of any master in the game, and loves unloading his net gun on as many people as possible to make them slower or paralyzed. Off his horse he trades his ranged armament for more melee and Clockwork Traps that he can lay out. On top of all this, he has rules that allow a player to add abilities at the cost of soulstones before the game even starts. Being Dual Faction, he can choose to lead a Guild crew or a Ten Thunders crew as well.


Mounted: With a Walk as fast as Lady Justice's charge and a foot long charge, he can get around the board and use his net gun at whim. On top of this, he has a 0 action (called Keep Up!) that allows his crew to push towards him when within 6". On top of this, he has Companion (Black Sheep) to simultaneously activate with Wastrels or Sidir
Dismounted: He has an average Walk and an Executioner ranged Charge and loses his "Keep Up!" action. He gains a Bullwhip with a Melee range of 3", however, so his threat range stays in the 8"-9" range. He also has the Scout rule when off his horse.
He can spend a (0) action to dismount his horse, in which he gets a free healing flip and replaces his Mounted 50mm model with his 30mm Dismounted model.


Mounted: While on his horse, McCabe carries a Net Gun that hands out Slow on Weak and Moderate damage, and Paralyzed at Severe. In addition, when a model is hit with the Net Gun you place a 50mm marker touching the target model. Anyone under the base receives slow unless they win a DF -> 13 duel. He also has Ranged Expert, allowing him to shoot the net at 8" three times per turn if desired.
His melee on his horse isn't bad either; he can use a CB 5 Trample attack or a CB 6 Sabre attack that is magical. The Sabre has a built in Critical Strike the Guild love so much, while the Trample has a rams trigger that can give Slow to a model damaged by this attack.
He sports a (2) action called "Ride Down" that is similar to the Riders' abilities. It allows him to push his CG in a straight line where can move over other models, but not end on them. Any model he's pushed over has to win a DF -> 14 duel or they receive slow.

Dismounted: When off his horse, He loses Ranged Expert for Melee Expert and gains two (0) actions:
- Desperation
This can be used when he has 3 or less wounds and he gains +3 general AP. He then is sacrificed at the end of his activation and is considered killed for enemy purposes.
- Loot the Dead
He can use this when he kills an enemy model with a melee attack. He can perform a cheatable flip and gains an option indicated by the suit flipped:
Red Joker: McCabe gains a Soulstone.
Crow: He gains Coup Necklace: McCabe gains Terrifying -> 11 until the end of his next Activation
Mask: He gains Sneak's Cloak: McCabe counts as having soft cover against Ranged attacks until the end of his next activation.
Tomes: Increase McCabe's Traps Stash by one.
Rams: McCabe gains Stubborn until the end of his next Activation.
Black Joker: McCabe suffers Poison 2.

While Dismounted, McCabe gains a Traps Stash of 2, of which can do a (1) action to set one Clockwork Trap completely within 4" of McCabe, then you reduce his stash by 1.
He keeps the Critical strike on his Sabre and gains a 3" melee Bullwhip that hands out Slow on Moderate and Severe Damage. He can do a (2) action called "Whirling Dervish" that lets him discard a card and do a Bullwhip strike on every model within 2".
The Bullwhip has two triggers:
- Stinging Crack (Mask)
A model hit suffers "Pacify: Target must activate after any other model in its Crew which doesn't have Pacify."
- Hogtie (Ram)
A model hit can't move or be moved out of McCabe's melee range without winning a DF -> 13 duel.`

In both forms, McCabe has two (1) spells:
- Braying of the Hounds
For 13 Rams + Tomes, he can do a 10" pulse that makes enemy models losing a WP Resist Duel suffer -2 DF and -2 WP.
- Stunner!
For 14 Ram, he can target a model within 10". If that model has Slow, it replaces Slow with Paralyzed unless it wins a DF Resist Duel.


Both on and off his horse he has two rules that help him survive; Bearskin Armor lets him ignore damage from Blasts, Auras, or Pulses, while "In the thick of it!" increases his DF +1 per enemy model engaged with him, after the first, to a max bonus of +3. He has a DF of 5 on his horse and DF 6 off, which is average to good for a Master. In theory, his DF bumps to 8-9 if engaged with at least 4 enemies.
When Mounted, his horse has 5 wounds while he himself has 8 for a combined total of 13. Damage can be spread between the two models when Mounted. Off his horse he only has 8 Wounds.


McCabe has a cache of 6, but he has to use this to gain at least two abilities before the game begins from his Relic Cache. These abilities carry over to his Dismounted model if his horse is killed or he dismounts. He has 6 abilities to choose from:
- Badge of Speed
2 SS: He gains the (1) spell Black Flash. Costing 14 mask to cast, he can target a non-master model with Black Sheep or Guardsmen and make them Reactivate.
- Glowing Sabre
2 SS: His Sabre gains Paired.
- Hunter's Cloak
1 SS: He gains the Hunter ability.
- Invigorating Bridle
1 SS: He gains the (0) action "Settle Steed." This allows a healing flip that can only heal the horse's wounds. This doesn't work if the horse is killed or McCabe is Dismounted.
- Staghorn
2 SS: He gains the (1) "Horn Blast." Lucas targets an enemy model within 12", and friendly models get +2 CG when charging the target. He can use his Ranged Expert AP to do this action.
- Strangemetal Shirt
3 SS: Lucas gains Armor +2.

Tricks and Tips

Avoid falling into the trap of running out alone and killing a weak scout minion only to be quickly swarmed and killed by the rest of the enemy crew. You can use Lucius to Reinforce to bring other models up from your deployment zone to support McCabe. It is a nasty choice for an opponent to have to worry about Ryle shooting 3 times while McCabe is running around the board giving out slow. While they are dealing with that, the rest of your crew can do silly things like take objectives, interact with objects and move into table quarters.

Strategies and Schemes for [Master]

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[Master] in Brawls

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Building a Crew

McCabe is a Dual Faction Master; he can be used as a leader in The Ten Thunders or The Guild. He has a rule called "Officer of the Law," however, that lets him hire at no additional cost Sidir Alchibal or any model with the Guardsman or Black Sheep Characteristic, which is currently:
Guild Rifleman
Guild Guard Captain
Guild Sergeant
Guild Austringer
Guild Guard
Guild Hound
Guild Pathfinder

Starting [Master]

Relic Hunter's Box Set comes with
This is enough to get you started. From here, you may want to pick up some Guild Hounds for their synergy with Luna.

Playing Against Lucas McCabe

He has one of the best movements in the game, and can hit most models on the table in turn 1 with his ranged attack. He is going to give your models slow, making your activation order and model placement critical. For masters that like to bunch up like Pandora or Hoffman, this can be very troublesome. Models that can take away slow and paralyzed are useful here. If he does not take the hunters cloak then look for cover. If he does, some models do have talents or abilities that protect them from ranged attacks.

With that said, he is not particularly tough. Shooting out his horse is a priority as this limits his offense and reduces his range dramatically.

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