Gaki, Resurectionist Minion
"Forever hungry with a mouth able to expand to three-times the normal size, Gaki are ravenous and not picky about what they eat. Nothing can fill their endless appetite."

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Gaki are pack hunters. With enough numbers they can consume even human-sized targets with notable ease, making them very dangerous. While they are Graverobbers they are selfish with the corpse counters they collect. Indeed Gaki can consume their own allies to act faster. While employable by any Resurectionist Master, they very much enjoy the company and commands of Kirai who lets them enjoy the corpses she ignores as she enslaves the escaping souls of her victims. Under the command and within the close presence of Kirai, Gaki become even more savage then when ripping their foes apart with their sizable maw

While a Gaki will eat near anything, they love living flesh over anything else and will frequently move with more passion to consume a beating heart.


Gaki are swift with a notable Walk of 5" and a Charge of 8". Also, if a Gaki has a LoS to a living Model in the Start Closing Phase, it can Walk (5") directly towards it - sneaking closer to make its kill.

Gaki also have potential to Reactivate on their own using "(1) Absorb". While mainly an offensive maneuver, being able to activate a model twice in one turn is always a good thing and add to the swiftness of what a Gaki can perform (see Offense for more details on how "(1) Absorb" works).


Gaki seek to eat anything they can. In numbers their deadliness grows. Their Melee attack "Gorge" comes with a trigger "Feeding Frenzy" which activates when a Crow is flipped/ cheated and their target is damaged. This trigger, when activated, allows a second Gaki in Melee range with the same victim that was damaged to make a Gorge Strike on the defender (which can also trigger "Feeding Frenzy" with a Crow Card). Together, a pair of Gaki can shred a foe apart in moments using this back-and-forth savagery.

The attacks delivered by a Gaki aren't mediocre either. CB 4 and a damage score of 2/2/4 meaning that Weak damage does the same as Moderate Damage (so low-Crows have a place when Gaki feed). This increases to 3/3/5 when a Gaki is within 6" of a friendly Kirai, which is why they take such pleasure to be in her presence.

Should a victim be reduced to 3 Wounds or Less, Gaki can finish the job quite quickly using "(1) Absorb" which causes the target to become Sacrificed (and note in doesn't specify this needs to be a friendly target). This does cost the Gaki a 7+ Crow Card, but otherwise its a free action as after consuming the victim the Gaki gains "Fast" (meaning it gains 1 AP after spending 1 AP). Should the Gaki be able to "(1) Absorb" two models in one turn, the Gaki Reactivates - giving it 2 more AP.

Alternatively, the Gaki can "(1) Devour Anything" which at first only works on Height 1 models (great for removing rats and children). Normally this won't have much appeal as it stands. However if the Gaki is working in trios (with two other Gaki within 6" of itself), this spell increases from "Unstoppable Eaters" to affect any Height 2 model (which is the majority of models in Malifaux). And chances are the other two Gaki will be able to do the same. To be able to force an opponent to sacrifice the models you want gone, all for the cost of an 8+ Crow card and at only 1 AP - this Spell is psychotically lethal if you can get the Gaki together to pull it off.


With DF 4 and WD 4, Gaki aren't the most durable. Even as Spirits taking half damage from non-magical attacks, they can still die with some ease. However, Gaki make up for the wounds they make take with a few impressive abilities that allow them to recover from any injury they sustain while they eat.

Should a Gaki kill a model with a Melee Strike (Gorge) they can employ their only (0) action which is "Eat your Fill". This restores the Gaki back to full health, though it does also end the Gaki's activation. Even so, killing an enemy and regaining full health is not something to take lightly.

As the Gaki are Graverobbers, there are bound to be Corpse counters dropping all over the battlefield as living and undead forces die. Gaki make use of these with their other healing ability - "(1) Snack". This allows a Gaki to discard a Corpse Counter within 6" of itself and make a healing Flip (and with only 4-Wounds, most healing flips it make will bring it back to full health). This also ends the activation of the Gaki, even if it does only cost 1 AP, so be sure to use it at the end of a Gaki's activation if possible.

Gaki are also "Slow to Die", giving them 1 Action before they are killed. This can potentially save them by employing "(1) Snack" to make a Healing Flip and bring them back to at least 1 Wound. Alternatively, if there is nothing for the Gaki to snack on, this can at least allow them to make a "Gorge" attack. Unfortunately, even if it manages to kill the target, the Gaki cannot "(0) Eat their Fill" to restore themselves back to full health as slow to die only allows a single (1) action.

Tips and Tricks

Gaki work best in numbers. A group of 4 Gaki will only cost you 12-stones which is quite affordable, and even if one dies, the remaining three will still be able to "Devour" Height 2 models. Keep them close but not clustered so they can have "Devour Anything" live up to its name - so they can literally devour ANYTHING.

When going into Melee, get at least two Gaki onto the target as this will allow them to use "Feeding Frenzy" (which cannot be used on its own). As Gorge deals the same weak and moderate damage (2 for each), use all your Low Crow Cards when making a Feeding Frenzy.

You won't normally need more than two Gaki on a target in Melee as the pair can bounce "Feeding Frenzy" off each other (meaning any others will be redundant). However, keeping a third nearby can be useful should one die (it can then step up and replace the one that just fell).

Chase down living and undead minions to get Corpse Counters on the field. If a Gaki is hurt, have it try to kill a target so it can "Eat your Fill" and regain health. Should the victim live, the Gaki can at least "Snack" on a nearby corpse counter to regain its health (as a backup).

As Graverobbers, Gaki can pickup and carry Corpse Counters. If it doesn't take you too far out of your way, grab them! They will fuel the "Snacks" the Gaki like to eat. However, being selfish, only the Gaki with the counters can eat their counters (You want some? GET YOUR OWN!). Still, if a Gaki dies, their "Snacks" will be on the table for Gaki to eat.

Don't let your Gaki be too greedy. If a Gaki picks up a corpse counter, only THEY can eat it. If a Corpse counter is left on the table, ANY Gaki within 6" of it can eat it.

Master-Specific Tips

Gaki work well with most Resurrectionist masters, provided they come as a group (as mentioned, 4 Gaki will only cost you 12-stones). With Kirai however they get a few extra perks.

Kirai can cast "Spirit Food" on living or undead enemy models. If the model affected is killed, a new Gaki will be summoned (with Slow for that turn). This can add to the Gaki's growing numbers and increase their pack-size. However the model MUST be killed and not sacrificed (i.e.: not Devoured or Absorbed by the Gaki) for a new Gaki to appear.

Gaki within 6" of Kirai increase their damage potential to 3/3/5 (two successful Gorges from a Feeding Frenzy will do anywhere between 6-10 damage in Kirai's presence!)

Gaki killed within 8" of Kirai produce Seishin, which Kirai can evolve back into Gaki by spending (1) AP and losing -1 Wound (or -2 Wounds with her trigger if she would like to Summon the Gaki 12" away from herself - possibly beside an enemy who is already in Melee with another Gaki; creating potential for a retaliatory Feeding Frenzy).

As Spirits, Gaki offer Kirai a place to teleport to. As Gaki can move 10" each turn (14" if they can see a living model in the Start Closing Phase), they are quite swift and can offer escape locations for Kirai to teleport to.

Minion-Specific Tips

Clearly, Gaki work well with each other, and can be summoned by Datsue-ba, so you are likely to see them used together.

Playing Against Gaki

Gaki are deadly in Melee, but have no ranged attacks. Shoot them before they get up close to start eating.

Gaki are powerful in groups, but also vulnerable. Blasts and damaging Pulses/ Auras can demolish Gaki packs.

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