The Lore of Malifaux


These are sources for fluff and lore about the world of Malifaux and its Denizens

The Rule Books

Every Rulebook of Malifaux is chock-full of lore. This includes the previous 1st Edition books, as the storyline has progressed onwards from 1st, rather than restarting when 2nd Edition was introduced. The books, in chronological order of story are:

1image.pngMalifaux 1.5 Core Book (Contains the same stories as the first edition Malifaux rulebook, just with a little editing)

2image.pngRising Powers

3image.pngTwisted Fates

4image.pngStorm of Shadows

image.pngMalifaux 2nd Edition Rulebook

Crossroads-Large.pngMalifaux 2nd Edition Crossroads

shifting.jpgMalifaux 2nd Edition Shifting Loyalties

ripples.jpgMalifaux 2nd Edition Ripples of Fate

broken.pngMalifaux 2nd Edition Broken Promises

All the books are currently available from the Wyrd webstore, with a major discount to the 1st edition ones.

The Wyrd Chronicles/Downloads

The Chronicles are a monthly online magazine put out by Wyrd and they contain a host of different articles, but also contain canonical stories. They are completely free and the backlog can be accessed HERE

Also available in that Downloads sections are things like stories from past campaigns, like the Dead of Winter

The 2e Website

Wyrd's own website contains a lot of lore on the various factions and Masters of Malifaux. Cruise on over to the Malifaux 2e Page and check out the sidebar on the right for links to Factions and more info about the Masters in them.