Flesh Construct, Resurrectionist Minion

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The monster to McMourning's Frankenstein Theme, the Flesh Construct is a powerful creature for opponents to face. Typically it wades up to an enemy before smashing it with its somewhat simple (if slightly brutal) weapon, though its great strength can throw enemies around the field and disrupt tactics.


The lumbering lug cannot charge, but its Wk is above average which will help it get into close-combat.

The actions of a Flesh Construct rely on how its controller deals with its Dumb issue. Should its master not discard a card, it becomes Slow; if they discard a card, it moves normally; and if they discard a Joker (black or red) it becomes Fast (good reason to hold a Black Joker in hand).

The most notable feature of the Flesh Golem, compensating for its somewhat erratic speed, is its Ceaseless Advance. This gives the Golem an extra 1-AP at the closing phase which it must use to either get into Melee range of an enemy or, if already in range, attack. This makes the Golem able to function (somewhat) at normal speed even if Slow, though it offers it no resistance against being Paralyzed.


This is what this monster was made for (quite literally...). Its Meat Hook has 2" range, a notable Cb, and decent damage scores. Should its Meat-Hook attack flip or cheat a Crow, its trigger Rend Flesh will activate and deal further deal damage to the target victim, making it powerful enough to slay some weaker masters in one strike.

There is no negotiating nor pleading with a Flesh Construct. It is Immune to Influence, allowing it to ignore all Wp duels when it is the defender and just act as in needs to without hindrance.

(1) Fling
One of the two spells of the Flesh Construct, it deals no damage but can break enemy formations by shoving enemies around. It even allows the Construct to pursue those it "pushes" around, usually assuring the Construct will hit it with its Ceaseless Advance at the closing phase.

(1) Devour
The other spell of the Flesh Construct is very circumstantial, but powerful against some enemies. The rats and stolen children of Hamelin the Plagued disappear quickly into the gullet of this monster, sacrificed instead of killed (meaning they produce no replacement) and Baby Kade and Candy are equally cautious of this appetite.


This beast is quite durable, even if it is easily hit. 10 Wds puts it on par with many masters, and few attacks will kill it outright especially when you need overcome. It is quite straight forward and indeed is intended to be cannon fodder, soaking up damage that could be directed at your other forces, which makes things less complicated.

Sadly the Construct has no means of recovering damage it has taken, nor any other tricks to improve its defenses. Though it can reduce the damage it takes to weak with its Hard to Wound 2, but enough small hits will still topple him.

Tips and Tricks

Flesh Constructs rarely start on the field (or at least its rare there is more than 1). McMourning and Nicodem will usually summon them after the game has begun as it is cheaper to do so, and can even help the Flesh Construct get where it needs to be easier.

Don't forget, a summoned model can be placed within 6" of its Summoner. As the base of a Flesh Construct is almost 2" wide, it still means it will appear up to 4" away from its Summoner which is almost a free Walk for the model!

If a Flesh Construct is summoned, don't bother discarding a card on its first activation as it will be Slow regardless (it just woke up). Fortunately, with its Ceaseless Advance, it will still take two actions before the turn is out meaning there is a decent chance it will hit something with its hook.

As mentioned earlier, a Flesh Construct can gain Fast if it discards a Joker on its activation. This potentially gives the Flesh Construct 4 actions! (3-AP from being Fast, +1-AP from Ceaseless Advance).

Don't feel compelled to discard a control card for a Flesh Construct every-turn. Having a Control hand is a useful thing and can help prevent 'auto-kills'. Slow isn't that bad for a FC as Ceaseless Advance makes up for it. Opponents who enjoy making your models Slow will be very disappointed that it will have little effect on this monster.

Ceaseless Advance doesn't work if the Flesh Construct becomes Paralyzed as it prevents the effected model taking any actions for that round. Since Paralyzed ends as soon as the model forfeits its activation, however, you will be able to use it at the end of the round you lose the activation in. Avoid this if possible.

Devour doesn't come up a lot, but when it can target a Ht 1 model its often a good idea to get rid of it in one quick action than waste trying to skewer it on your hook. Hamelin the Plagued fears this above all else, as it can rapidly devour his entranced minor minions and demolish his synergy of recreating his losses and/or having a means to escape being killed (i.e.: Eat all his children then smash Hamelin over the head - he won't be getting back up).

Master-Specific Tips

The Flesh Construct really works best with the two main Necro-summoners - McMourning and Nicodem. Both can summon the Flesh Construct and being able to bring him to the field (potentially in the face of an intended enemy to be made into meat) can bring very nice results.

Don't forget also that Leveticus can also hire the big guy. If the Outcast needs extra muscle, this monster can provide it by the pound.

Minion-Specific Tips

Since the Flesh Construct has options for working around Slow, and has so many wounds, he's a better target than most for Surgery from a Nurse. Failing that, he's a good option for Stimulants; Ceaseless Advance triggers at the Start Closing Phase, as does Stimulants, and as are both your effects on your model which occur simultaneously, you get to choose the order to resolve them. This can give potentially 4 pumped-up attacks to the Construct before he dies, assuming everything is in position.

Playing Against Flesh Construct

Its big, powerful, durable, and surprisingly fast. Its very straight forward and equally is it straight forward to get rid of it - hit it hard enough as any times as is needed before it drops dead. Its speed makes it hard to outrun, and being a construct/ undead it ignores Morale Checks and it avoids effects that make it use its Wp in a duel it is defending against. So best bet is hack it to bits before it does the same to you. Not easily done, but it is a powerful monster and that's just the way it is.

If there is one way to stop a Flesh Construct it is to Paralyze it. Even its Ceaseless Advance won't function if it is stuck. It may not save you, but it could slow the brute down enough to get whatever you need done before it catches up with you.

Don't be fooled by this model being a Construct. It drops no Scrap when it dies. However, C. Hoffman can still use this to his benefit by taking charge of its design and turning it on its masters. It won't do a lot, and its Ceaseless Advance will still activate under the command of its maker, but its something that should not be forgotten.

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