Crooked Man, Resurrectionist Minion


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The Crooked men are the bodies of miners trapped or crushed by cave-ins, resurrected to either mine more Soulstone or serve as muscle.
They provide some ranged damage and board control in a cheap, versatile 4ss package.


These minions have a decent Wk of 4 and a Cg of 6. However their speed is not their main asset. Their 2" melee range increases their threat zone a bit.


Well, these guys are your ranged support in the Resser's, (pre Rising Powers). But their melee is still good, with a healthy Cb of 5 and a damage of 2/3/5 which is only slightly lower than the punk zombie and a devastating trigger, for a low cost of a Crow, you Paralyze the target, making 11+ of Crows incredibly valuable, though many Ressurectionist masters enjoy high Crows as well, posing a difficult choice for the player at times.

For the ranged support part you have two choices,
Cave In is a good ranged attack which needs a 7 to cast, and a range of 10, for the damage profile 2/2BB/4BBB. That's a lot of blasts. Its great if your opponent is bunched up, but not much else. Ressurrectionists are not spoiled for Ranged options, so take what's available where it's available.

Shafted is the reason you took this guy though. On a 9 to cast you place a 30mm counter with in 6". Any model ending a move OR PUSH within 2" inches, flips a card, on a 1-7= 3dmg 8-13 means Paralyzed and a Joker means death. Crooked men are immune to these, so you can make some nice one way streets. They disappear at the end of the turn.


Well a defense of 4 isn't great with only 7 Wds but they get a bonus 2 Df vs ranged attacks and Evasion 2, including their own. Their Slow to Die can be a deterrent to killing a Crooked Man in melee as the return strike could carry with it a Paralyze through the Bury trigger. With Nicodem they become quite the tough nut to crack. Especially against shooting, not many models have Cb 8 shooting.

Tips and Tricks

Shafted can be abused through Resurrectionist movement tricks, the most common being Lure. Shafted will be triggered off a move or push, but the model must end that movement within 2", so beware of fast models that may just run through the marker's threat range. A The Hanged could be better suited for this, but that means placing the counter on top of The Hanged, and depending on your master may tax your supply of Masks. Crooked Men are obviously great with Seamus as you can abuse Lure to great effect and amusment. Nicodem will find uses for them either through hiring or summoning, and depending on the opponent McMourning may bring one along as well. Kirai likely will not bring Crooked Men as they have no obvious synergies with her.

Master-Specific Tips

They make good screens with Nicodem while under Bolster Undead, and they do just fit into a Seamus list as you play merry hell with Belles (also, he makes them in the fluff of the first book at the train station)

A solid choice and good for board control. Combined with Rotten Belles, these minions can cause a lot of havoc. Corpse Counters are not as valuable to Leveticus as Scrap Conters are, but they are better than nothing. Blessings of Desolation will grant this Minion the automatic Trigger Bury which will give any defender successfully damaged Paralyzed. Its downside is a good but not great Cb and Blessings will most likely be going on other Minions.

Minion-Specific Tips

In addition to just providing board control with shafted markers Crooked Men pair up nicely with Rotten Belles who can Lure your opponents models into range of a shafted marker, this is a mutually beneficial relationship as it increase the effectiveness of both minions and your control of the board.

Playing Against Crooked Men

They are not the most dangerous of minions on their own, but add a Belle and they become irritating. The Bury trigger effectively kills a model for a turn. Best you can do with them is either take them down quick, or limit the usefulness of them. Perdita and Ophelia will hate them as they are just that much harder to hit. Try not to be engaged in melee when killing them to avoid Bury. Shafted markers can be avoided, and remember they disappear at end of turn, so unless it's necessary, avoid that area for a turn and get to it later.

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