Canine Remains, Resurrectionist Minion

"Prior his experiments on humans, McMourning experimented on lesser creatures that were more easily available and less controversial. These Hounds are loyal to their master, as they were prior their undeath, and are willing to fetch the desired parts he asks them to collect - even if the part is still attached to a living subject..."

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Undead Dogs come in 4 breeds of your choice (5 if you include Chihuahua) and are the cheapest minion model available to the Resurrectionists (2-Soulstones each). Many Resurectionist masters use them as cannon fodder, to then later use their corpses to "raise" something nastier.


As expected of a four-legged minion, these dogs can MOVE! Very few humans can outrun these hounds.This is even more true when hunting live, wounded, prey as the dogs may make a charge for only 1-AP the nearest living model that has taken at least 1 wound due to their "Bloodhound" Action. This gives the dogs a potential threat range of 15" against wounded living targets - provided the target is the nearest living wounded model. While Bloodhound does target your own forces, it doesn't come into play often as the Ressurectionists don't field that many "living" minions.


Canine Remains aren't terrible in combat, but neither are they overly grand. They hit most things, and their Moderate/ Severe Damage scores are somewhat average.

Hunting Dogs
Dogs hunt in packs and undead dogs aren't much different. If a pair of Hounds get in Melee range of the same target, their victim will suffer -2 DF which, (in a sense) improves the Canine's CB from 4 up to 6 (impressive!). This helps in dealing damage to their victim, as well as preventing them running away (-2 DF also counts for disengaging strikes).

As mentioned previously Bloodhound allows the canine remains to Charge the closest wounded living model as a (1) action. This is particularly vicious when the dog begins an activation within charge range of such an enemy model as it can Charge and then use its second general action to attack again!

Should any hound successfully bite their target, flipping/ cheating a Crow, they will make their victim go rabid and make them suffer -2 WP for the end of the game. This won't help the dogs much, but it is nice to remember and can be useful when employed by Masters that can terrorize or cast spells that are WP Resistant (such as McMourning's Wracked with Pain, Nicodem's Rigor Mortis, or Seamus's variety of Terrifying abilities)


With 5 DF, the dogs are slightly more agile than most humans, but with only 3 Wounds they won't last long - even with "Hard to Wound 1" (it helps but it won't be much of a life saver against many attacks). They are however undead and only cost 2 soul-stones, so even when they fall they are easily replaced and not much of a loss in the first place. Furthermore, having the dogs die is often part of a Ressurectionist's plan as their bodies are quickly used to create bigger and nastier monstrosities.

Ht 1 also helps meaning they can often get where they want to without too my hassle as they hide behind low walls etc.

Tips and Tricks

Buy Canine Remains in bulk; if for no other reason than to gain an activation advantage. Remember also they lose their insignificant characteristic if they are in close proximity to other Canine Remains, so good for grabbing or contesting objectives.

For You, Master:Hounds can scoop up as many corpse counters as they can touch during a move or charge, then send them back to their master for a (0) action. Don't let those corpse counters sit around waiting for enemy Graverobbers or Corpse-Counter-eaters to steal them!

Unleash the Hounds! This works really well against living opponents, not so much others. Ideally you start within charge range of a living model you want to kill. Canine Remains #1 charges target, damaging it (and attacks again if it was able to (1) Bloodhound). CR #2 uses (1) Bloodhound and attacks (target is now at -2Df for 2+ dogs in melee range), and follows it up with a melee strike. Repeat with additional dogs where necessary.

Suicide Rocket Dog. These pups aren't very hardy and being cheap, are cannon fodder (or is that "canine fodder"?). Maximize their actions by having a Nurse pump some doggies with a load of drugs and watch them "go fetch". They will die by its end, but you expected them to play dead - right?

Man's Best Friend: Canine Remains can mass companion under a couple of circumstances but you will have to judge for yourself whether or not it is worthwhile to do so. Will it leave you in a bad position for counter attack? Will a mass companion allow you to grab an objective or tie up important models from the other crew? As it stands at the moment either Mortimer or Sebastian activate and either use (0) Zombie Companion or (0) Here Boy!. Where this gets fun is that each dog then activates in sequence and only has to be within 6" of the Canine that activated before it, so it is possible to setup a whole lot of different approach angles and not have to be clustered all in one place.

Master-Specific Tips

The creator of these dogs loves a large pack of them. They get body-parts back to him easily, and he and his assistant Sebastian can create more when any of them fall (they produce 2 Body Parts when killed, and cost only 2 Body Parts to Summon).

Canine Remains love Bolster Undead, giving them a very respectable Cb 6 and Df 7. Tag a few living enemies with Decay and allow all your dogs to use (1) Bloodhound. They'll do some nice damage, then die and leave you a pile of corpse counters to turn into a Rogue Necromancy, multiple Punk Zombies, or some other undead minion depending on your needs/objectives. Executioner giving you trouble? Paralyze him and then Unleash the Hounds!

Canine Remains serve 3 purposes when used with Seamus, cheap activations, more speedy minions and Rabies! If Canines Remains inflict Rabies to drop Wp, Seamus will have even more fun as a lot of his crew's abilities target Wp.

A great Minion and an absolute bargain. Even if you are simply going to use them as an early Corpse Counter they will bring their value. In groups they lose Insignificant and can add some valuable speed to the crew. It is a good target for Blessings of Desolation if no other target is better, as it will give them the automatic Trigger for Rabies, which can set models up to flee if you have Terrifying models or any Wp-based attacks. At least one is worth taking in any list, even if it is simply to raise a Waif. The downside is an average Cb, but if you run them in pairs it gives them an effective +2 Cb.

Minion-Specific Tips

Rotten Belle Use Lure to bring a living target into range of the pack and then Unleash the Hounds!

Mortimer & Sebastian can set up a chain activation of Canine Remains, giving your opponent no time to react when you Unleash the Hounds!

Rafkin while affected by (1) Preserve Bodies Rafkin gains a free body part counter for each corpse counter discarded when a Canine Remains within 6" uses (0) For You, Master.

Playing Against Canine Remains

Dogs are not that durable. They can dodge a little better than most, but they fall fast once hit. Just attack them with enough force. Most Severe amounts of damage will end one, as will average Moderate damage. Long range weapons can be nasty for them.

Most ressers take canine remains largely because they are cheap and each will drop a corpse counter when they die (and they will die!). Where possible, bring a Graverobber of your own to steal the corpse counters, or any models that can discard/sacrifice them.

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"Cry Havoc and let loose the dogs of war!"