Colette, Avatar of Deception & Decoy Minions

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Colette, Avatar of Deception is a 3 model master, two of which may be revealed as Decoy Minions.

The Avatar of Deception's main mechanic is hand and deck manipulation of your opponent. The Aetheric Subterfuge Spell and Card Tricks Action which your opponent is unable to resist will allow you to stack your opponent's deck. The Bedazzle Spell and Pick a Card Action will allow you to mess with your opponent's hand.


Colette requires using her Illusionist Action and/or killing an enemy model with Magician's Duel, both of which are fairly easy to accomplish making Colette, Avatar of Deception one of the easiest Avatars to Manifest.

Cassandra or the Coryphée Duet who can get into melee, soften up the enemy, then allow Colette to switch places with them using Illusionist and finish off the enemy model with Magician's Duel.

This Action requires that your crew contain at least one other Showgirl. This manifest requirement is straightforward enough to get.

Magician's Duel
Killing an enemy model with this Spell is fairly easy to do.


When Colette Manifests she looses the mobility of Colette's Illusionist Action and only has Walk Actions and Mirror Dance.

Mirror Dance
This is useful if one of her Decoy models is revealed as a Decoy to continue with the attacks. Because this is an Action the other two Avatar of Deception models can both take the action.


Flourished Card
The damage on this weapon is nothing to write home about, but if one of your aColettes has already cast Magician's Duel this turn, the others may be able to get in a damage or two, even in melee thanks to Gunfighter. It also uses Colette's Ca instead of Cb, making it easier to hit your target.

This spell requires a 7 and a tome (and a Soulstone) to successfully cast, but the benefit is not to be understated. Being forced to cheat randomly means your target may end up cheating in a Black Joker, so they may choose not to cheat at all.

Magician's Duel
Standard Colette's workhorse damage spell is just as useful in Avatar form. Only one of her can use it per turn, so it may be better to save it for attacking the opposing leader.

Aetheric Subterfuge
With a 9 of any suit and a Soulstone, you can sift through the top 3 cards each of an opponent's discard pile and deck, discarding 3 and putting the others back on top of the deck in any order. It costs 2 AP but if one of your aColettes is too far away for offense, you can probably ensure that their next few card flips will be less than ideal.

Unfortunately, this trigger still only works on spells, even though Flourished Card uses aColette's Ca stat.

Bait and Switch
If you don't need the Surge trigger, this is very useful since it allows you to cast Bedazzle while bypassing both the additional cost of a Soulstone and the restriction of only one aColette model being able to cast the spell per turn.

Trigger Happy
This trigger is very difficult to pull off, since it requires two suits Colette doesn't innately have. If you happen to cheat in one suit, you still need to soulstone in the other. Soulstone Augury makes this a little easier, but it's best not to try to rely on this particular trigger unless you have some way to manipulate your deck to guarantee the right suits for the job.


Decoy Minions
The Decoys are the best defense aColette has. As long as the real Colette herself is never directly hit, she'll always take half damage. Also note that the Decoys have Armor +1, which potentially reduces her damage taken even more. The Decoys are still able to be killed or sacrificed outright, though, so they may have trouble against models with Headshot or Decapitate.

Reflect Magic
It would seem that Colette's been studying Sonnia's technique. If aColette gets a Ram in her resist flip, she can reflect the spell back at the caster.


Ramos' Gift
Colette's Artificial Soulstone is still useful, even if she can't use it to Reactivate herself anymore. Since two of her spells require you to spend a Soulstone as part of the casting cost, this is a good way to make sure you don't waste as much of your pool while casting spells.

Tricks and Tips

Something up My Sleeve
This applies to both offensive and defensive Duels both during your activation and your opponent's activation. This is useful when your opponent would have hit you, but cheats in a lower card to gain a trigger allowing you to discard a Soulstone and cheat in a card that allows you to win the duel.

Soulstone Augury

The Show Must Go On

Avatar and their Crew

Angelica – Showgirl

Arcane Effigy – Special Forces (Doll)

Performer & Mannequin – Showgirl

Union Miner – Special Forces (M&SU Asset)

Convict Gunslinger – Mercenary

Hans – Mercenary

(What sort of minions work well or don't work well with the Avatar, overall advice.)
(I figured we'd leave more specific Avatar/Minion interactions to the Minion Page itself.)
(Also address issues where the Crew needed to support the Master Manifesting may not be the best for the Avatar once it Manifests)

Playing Against Colette, Avatar of Deception

(How best to deal with the Master and it's crew, things to watch out for, etc.)

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