Ashigaru, Resurrectionist Minion


Its a Cheap Resurrectionist Minion whose biggest advantage is denying enemy models from entering an area. Also it can be brought by any crew containing Toshiro, the Daimyo


With a fairly average walk of 5 it doesn't bring anything amazing to the table without the help of other models. It does however have a (1) action that lets it charge, but its charge is less then its walk


Melee: It has 2 inch reach with a fairly average damage track and decent CB of 5(which can be increased to 6 if near an ancestor), but a more interesting thing it does bring to the table is the (1) action Lunge which lets it preform a charge. It has a below average charge of 3 but lets it you get 2 swings off if the model is just slightly out of your melee range. which the Ashigaru helps you set up due to its only (0) action wall of steel which gives you a chance to stop a model just outside of 3 inches who began the move out side of 3 inches. It also has a trigger on a Crow that lets the strike that normally doesn't do damage, do damage. Setting them up for a perfect charge from you the following turn. Also if you treat its charge as a (2) action where you walk once then use lunge it gives you a slightly larger charge range then most models with the same walk stat.


with a lowish DF of 4 so it will usually get hit but it makes up for this with three things. First it has Object 1 which reduces all damage by 1 much like armor but harder to ignore. Secondly it has Hard to Kill. The third is Hard But Brittle. Hard But Brittle is a unique ability that reduces all weak damage done to the model by 2 but increases severe damage by 1(basically canceling out Object 1) it also lets them ignore hard to kill on severe damage. Most of the time it seems attacks end in weak or moderate damage which make hard but brittle a fairly useful ability, but some things to watch out for are Charges and models with a built in Positive Flip. Also wall of steel helps increase the models Resilience by stopping charges and models from entering into melee with it.

Tips and Tricks

wall of steel:

this ability has many uses in denying enemy models from entering melee with your friendly models. It can also be used to try and keep enemy models from getting to key objectives. A more unique use of it is to keep models engaged with your models by pushing them back into melee with someone like Izamu, the Armor by moving Your Ashigaru in behind the model engaging yours while still helping deny his friends from coming to his aid.
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Master-Specific Tips

Due to Yan Lo generally brining Ancestors the Ashigaru get more chances to recive the +1 Cb from being near an ancestor increasing there chances to hit with the attack generated by wall of steel.

Minion-Specific Tips

Ancestors especially Toshiro help increase they're chance to hit with attacks and take advantage of wall of steel.

Rotten Belles combo well by luring models in and then having an ashigaru in place to help keep the enemy in your lines to be devoured by your crew.

Playing Against Ashigaru

the best way to deal with them is to either charge them while wall of steel isn't up or to use models with built in positive flip on damage . Try and get severe damage so you ignore its hard to kill and in theory its Object 1. Also ranged attacks are safer since they don't run the risk of costing extra AP due to stopped walks/charges.
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