Ashes and Dust, Outcast Minion


A creation of Leveticus, it was originally a relic he found in the ruins of Malifaux. Perverted by a mix of his Resurrecionist and artificer talents the relic absorbs the spirit energy of those who die around it. It is capable of powering and controlling other abominations and possesses a malevolence that manifests as a swirling dust cloud of hatred. The entropic spirit can break itself away from the core, wreaking havoc on its own, returning to and reanimating the relic core when the need arises. Leveticus believes that this ability to continually decay and regenerate itself means it could function for eternity.

A good combination of support for other minions in the Leveticus Crew and can also deal some decent damage.


(0) Contort: Needs any 7 to go off, it pushes this model in base to base contact with a friendly Steampunk Abomination within 10". Ashes and Dust (A&D) and the Steampunk Abomination then divide 3 wounds between themselves however the owner decides.


Entropy Claw: A high Cb: 7 and a 3/4/6 Damage Flip. If Ashes and Dust manages to kill a model with this weapon it has an automatic trigger called Desolate Warping. The killed model does not generate counters of any kind. Instead, you Summon one Steampunk Abomination with the model before it is removed from play.

Industrial Wasteland: A 6" aura that is always on and is a good synergy with the Steampunk Abomination. Models within 4" of a Steampunk Abomination that is within the aura must take a Df->12 Duel or suffer 2 Wd at the Start of the End Closing Phase.

(1) Dominate Abomination: Forces a friendly Steampunk Abomination or Desolation Engine to perform a melee Strike. Since the two models will usually be in front of the A&D this will allow an extra attack out of activation and allow more damage to go through.


This is where this model really shines. It has several ways to heal damage, avoid damage and finally like its master can kill itself when it is convenient.

Choose Your Fate: A really handy ability overall that will prevent people from wanting to charge you. If a model charges A&D but doesn't inflict any damage, that model is sacrificed at the end of its activation a is replaced with a Steampunk Abomination.

Desolate Core: When this model is killed, Place on Ashen Core in base contact with this model before it is removed. Then Place one Dust Storm in base contact with any friendly or neutral table edge. There will be more detail in their respective pages, but when they come together you get a brand new A&D with full wounds.

Hard to Wound 2: Always helpful to minimize damage.

Souleater: This model will heal one wound every time a model is killed or sacrificed within 3" of it. A great thing about this is it included undead, constructs, nightmares, etc etc. Everything.

(0) Sacrifice the Weak: Sacrifice a friendly model within 3". All friendly models within 3" of that model make a Healing Flip.

Dissolution: A defensive trigger that goes off on a crow. If the model misses with a melee Strike or melee Spell it takes 2 Dg. If this kills a model, a Steampunk Abomination is put into base to base with that model before it is removed from play.

Tips and Tricks

Ashes and Dust can be amazing for treasure hunt and other movement based goals. Take Rusty Alice and a couple of Steam punk abominations. Move the 2 SPA up so they end up about 9 inches away from your deployment and toward the end goal. Have Rusty Alice give Ashes and dust reactivate. Contort will allow you to push to the front of the model as long as you keep them within 10 Inches. Depending on the Board this can put him in base contact with a treasure counter in the center of the table. Pick it up as a 2 action and then start walking back. After reactivate you will have been able to move the counter back to you. Then take his second 0 action provided by reactivate to kill off Ashes and Dust place the 2 smaller models in your deployment zone. Have them form up next turn and avoid the down side to the reactivate given by Rusty Alice.

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