The stationary piece of Ashes and Dust created after the model loses its last wound. With Dust, these models form a new Ashes and Dust model.


Charge 0. Walk 0. That about sums it up! Although it does have Contort which allows it to piggy-back and be pulled along with a SPA or Desolation Engine.


Again, Range 0. Combat 0! So, the Ashen Core is not going to do any damage itself, but that does not mean it is harmless.

Polluted Wasteland

(1) Dominate Abomination: Forces a friendly Steampunk Abomination or Desolation Engine to perform a melee Strike. Since the two models will usually be in front of the A&D this will allow an extra attack out of activation and allow more damage to go through.

Industrial Age


A shockingly bad defense of 1, and only 6 wounds. Even with Hard to Wound 3 and Armour 1 it is not going to be around long, and if Dust gets close, you can bet opponents will kill it. However, with a WP of 7, it can hold its own against WP based attacks.

Sacrifice the Weak does increase the Ashen Core's survivability.

Tips and Tricks

Make sure that when Ashes and Dust falls, a Desolation Engine is close. The Core can continue to make the Engine a nasty customer that should force the enemy to focus on it rather than the Core. Often being just behind the action to avoid nasty Melee Combat is best.

Master-Specific Tips

Minion-Specific Tips

Rusty Alyce

Desolation Engine


]Playing Against [Minion]

Taking out the Ashen Core can be very easy, you are going to hit and do damage, but with Hard to Wound 3, you are almost always looking at weak damage. If you can get a character with weak damage of 3 (maybe with Critical Strike etc) you will take it out no problem.

Do not let it reunite with Dust!

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