Archie, Resurrectionist Henchman


From the story involving Molly and Kirai comes Archie, a lovable killing machine that adores Molly.

Archie is the single most expensive Ressurectionist model released to date, coming in at a whopping 13ss, with the Undead and the Horror characteristics and status of Henchman.

He offers a unique (for Ressers) playstyle of attaching and discarding unique upgrades (hereby referred to as Bodypart upgrades) as the game progresses, representing him throwing his body parts at enemies, or picking up additional body parts and plugging them into himself.


Standard Walk and Charge values here are unimpressive given Archie's colossal price tag, and unlike another similarly priced Undead-Horror ball of flesh who can spontaneously appear, Archie needs to start the game the old fashioned way.

One of Archie's Bodyparts allows him to place within 3" for a (0), which is a deceptively huge range considering his 50mm base, with potential trigger to push enemies away after landing. His Ml attack offers a large 5" push courtesy of a trigger too, while another of his Bodyparts gives a (0) to pull an enemy model that is within 3" into base contact.

Archie's not much of a marathon runner but through various triggers and Bodyparts he's adept at controlling space and models around him.

Nonetheless, a model as expensive as Archie needs an efficient ferry that will get him to the action without him having to spend his AP. Luckily, Ressurectionists have many diverse ways to move models outside of their activation.

Tara's beast-bomb tactic can be used to bury Archie early and walk forward, then reactivate towards the tail end of the turn, walk forward and dump him right in your opponent's lap.

Molly is able to let Archie take a (1) Action during her Activation with her Forgotten Life upgrade's (0) which could be used by Archie to Walk.

Nicodem can hand out Fast to Undead with (1) Rigour Mortis, adding to Archie's available AP so that he can spending some of it Walking.

Rotten Belles, Dead Doxies, Mortimer and the Necrotic Machine all have pushes that can help to boost Archie's movement.



When your Ml Attack Action is named Pummeled into a Fine Mist you have your first clue that you're no joke in combat. Archie's swipe has a 3" reach and features a hearty 4/5/6 damage track. This attack has two triggers - Discard an upgrade to Heal Archie for 2 wounds or push the enemy model 5" in any direction as long as it suffered damage.

Archie can also throw himself at you, part by part. This 10" Ca Attack requires you to discard one of his upgrades, and may be used only once per Activation. When you do, a 3/3/4 damage track is imposed on the deserving model, along with a fresh Corpse Marker that is placed near them for good measure. Triggers include enable a pulse Horror duel for nearby enemies or immediately taking the (0) Stapled On Tactical Action.

Archie has a utility (0) Attack Action from one Bodypart capable of pulling an enemy into base contact with him. The same Bodypart also gives him Focused +1 if it is discarded, which makes it an ideal candidate to ditch for his ranged attack since you can instantly use that Focus to boost the attack.

Oh, and he has Attack Expert too, so he's always getting at least one free swipe with that mighty minimum 4 Attack


Archie has many layers of defense and can be incredibly hard to get rid of if you invest in him.

Terrifying (All) 12 will either eat decent cards from the opponent's control hand or eat decent cards from their deck, and may occasionally Paralyze an attacker.

A low Df stat and good Wp 6 is supported by Hard to Wound. If the opponent can't ignore this or get an innate + to damage, their duel total needs to be 11 higher than yours just to get a straight flip.

One of Archie's optional Bodypart upgrades provides him with Armor +1, reducing any damage that comes your way. You can hire him with it for 1ss or attach it to him during the game.

Soulstones can also be used to prevent damage, since Archie's a Henchman.

After the opponent wades through all these layers of defense, our monstrous corpse pile starts the game with exactly one dozen Wounds to keep him from [another] early grave.

However, before you go throwing Archie into an entire 50ss crew on his own, you need to be aware of two key limitations to his durability:

1) - His Bodypart attaching mechanic requires that you either spend 2 Wounds or discard a nearby Corpse Marker. If you cannot supply Archie with a constant supply of Corpses you will gradually chew through your own Wounds while flipping between upgrades.
2) - Archie has an ability preventing him from Healing more than 4 Wounds during any model's activation. Although regular Heals are welcome, you cannot simply use Nicodem or a Nurse to return him to full wounds after he's taken some big hits.


This is where the magic happens.

Our 3 Bodypart upgrades are as follows:
Corpse Armor (1ss) - Grants Archie Armor +1.
Hulking Leap (0ss) - Grants Archie the (0) Hulking Leap Tactical Action as described in the movement section.
Doc Found a Squid Today (0ss) - Grants Archie Instinctual, a (0) Attack Action that can pull a nearby enemy into base contact, and when discarded provides Archie with the Focused +1 Condition.

Archie has a Tactical Action, (0) Stapled On, requiring a mid Tome to succeed, and allowing him to attach one of his Bodypart upgrades to him at the cost of 2 Wounds. When he casts this he is able to discard up to 2 Corpses nearby to prevent this damage by 2 for each Corpse discarded. However, since this does not let him break upgrade limit restrictions, he cannot add a Bodypart while holding any combination of two other upgrades.

You can hire Archie with non-Bodypart upgrades too:

Decaying Aura (2ss) - Since you have a 4/5/6 attack, why not put it to good use, like crushing a master in one activation? Decaying Aura prevents nearby enemies from Healing and also disallows Soulstones being used to prevent damage from your attacks. This makes Archie capable of killing almost anything, but at 2ss he's now also almost a third of your entire 50ss crew.

Admiration (1ss) - This upgrade is useful if you intend to summon a lot, as it helps overcome his slow base movement speed. It lets Archie push into base contact with a friendly summoned model within 6" for a discard. Having to position the summon perfectly and discarding a card might hurt, but a 6" push is a 6" push and Archie loves any bit of extra movement you can give him.

Necrotic Preparation (1) - Giving a + to disengaging strikes makes it more likely Archie can retain any new friends he's acquired until he's finished playing with them. With his powerful area control and 3" reach, you can tie down a huge number of models this way. The upgrade also gives Bloated Stench, which returns 1 point of damage to anyone who hits him with a claw attack, making it even more painful to dispose of Archie. Combined with being near to Horror Molly and you're returning 1 damage and splashing Black Blood on them too.

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