Angelica, Arcanist Minion

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Angelica has two primary uses in a Showgirls crew, to support the Performers and to prevent other Showgirls from falling back from Morale Duels and models with Terrifying. As such, she functions best near other, specifically living, Showgirls.


First to the Stage
This allows Angelica to switch places with another friendly Showgirl in play before the first activation of an encounter. If this Ability is used it must be done before Cassandra's Confident Ability may be used.

"Bring Out the Next Act"
This zero-AP Spell allows another friendly Showgirl to immediately activate after Angelica's activation ends. This cannot be cast on an already activated (But gained re-activate) Colette. It also has no effect if Angelica casts it on herself. *

"Give them an Encore"
This Spell allows a nearby friendly Showgirl to be pushed 3". This is good for pulling Angelica or another Showgirl out of melee. *

  • According to the Rules Manual (p.18, 50) this spell is not an attack, which means Angelica may target herself.


Hooked Cane
Her Hooked Cane can do some damage if you really need her to do so, but might be more useful for her "Get off the Stage!" Trigger if you really need to move an enemy model somewhere else.

Projected Voice
This is a low Dg attack that can produce blasts, but with a Mask you can trigger Showstopper instead of the blasts. Friendly Showgirls are immune to damage from this attack.

"Get off the Stage!"
This Trigger allows you to Push enemy models out of melee with Angelica allowing her to make a run for it. If there is any Hazardous Terrain within 3" of the enemy defending model you can push them into it as well. You may not use this very often, but it is an option.

Although this Trigger requires a Mask, it can cause your opponent to either discard two cards or cause the defending model to become Paralyzed.

"Do You Want to See More?"
This Spell lowers the Wp and removes all suits associated with Wp on enemy models who fail to resist this spell. Loosing the suit is almost 100% useless to prevent triggers, except for Reflect Magic (found on Sonnia Criid; Witchling Stalkers; and Colette, Avatar of Deception), and Uncontrolled Rage found on Iggy. Currently all models with Twisted Mind do not have any suits associated with their Wp and no models cast or otherwise attack using the Suits on their Wp stat.


Angelica is by far the easiest Showgirl to kill. She lacks any way to give herself the Use Soulstone Ability, does not have Irresistible, Armor of any sort, and only has average stats for defending and resisting attacks.

This model is immune to the Obey Spell which would prevent an enemy model from moving Angelica away from where you want her, unless Zoraida goes through the trouble of first casting Hex to remove the Duty Ability.

Commanding Presence
This Aura prevents other friendly Showgirls from falling back, useful when facing Pandora and models with Terrifying. However, it does not protect Angelica herself so she could end up wetting herself and falling back while causing other falling back Showgirls to rally due to Angelica's Yellow Stain of Courageā„¢ (AKA Commanding Presence) Aura. If Angelica falling back is something that bothers you immensely (you could always just swap her with Colette who presumably is near the models you want affected by the aura) surrounding her with a trio of models will make her unable to fall back (due to not being able to go through other models bases) and she will just stand in place.

This Action produces an aura that gives friendly non-Construct Showgirls a positive twist when resisting Spells.

Tips and Tricks

Moving Models Out of Melee
You could attack an enemy and try to get the "Get off the Stage!" Trigger to push an enemy, or you could cast the "Give them an Encore" Spell on a friendly model. Both have an effective range of 2" and can push the target 3". Of these two options the Hooked Cane may be resisted, the damage isn't all that great, and requires a Mask on her Cb which can be granted through a Mannequin, but costs a Soulstone. Sacrificing a Mechanical Dove after cheating in a Mask or hoping to flip one might be more effective.

Master-Specific Tips

Colette will benefit from Angelica's Commanding Presence and Encouragement and Angelica will benefit from Colette's Special Charm. Special Charm does boost Angelica's attacks, but helps her defend against enemy Wp attacks.

Minion-Specific Tips

The Performers work their best when they are close to being in melee range of attacks or in melee. This can be a problem if you want to inflict Paralyzed on an enemy model with Siren Call because it is a ranged Spell so you can not cast it when he Performer is locked into melee. Angelica can cast her "Give them an Encore" Spell to move the Performer out of melee, then "Bring Out the Next Act" to immediately activate the Performer.

Because the Performers are ninety-nine and forty-four one-hundredths percent pure Wp resist Duels, casting Angelica's "Do You Want to See More?" spell before the Performer activates will help make those duels more likely to succeed. However, this spell requires at least a 7 of Tomes to cast and Angelica my only use Soulstones if a Mannequin gives her the Use Soulstone Ability or you could Sacrifice a Mechanical Dove to add to the casting total with a positive twist.

**Mechanical Dove**
Angelica lacks the Use Soulstone Ability so you may want to use some Mechanical Doves to add to her "Do You Want to See More?" Spell or her Projected Voice Ranged Strike with Showstopper Trigger. If an enemy model hits a Mechanical Dove near Angelica with an attack that produces a blast then you may end up losing the Mechanical Dove now and Angelica later.

Playing Against Angelica

Angelica has no special defenses to keep her alive. Pandora (or other masters with WP based attacks) players should attempt to kill Angelica at the first chance they get.

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