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The Alp is a dangerous low cost minion that slows down opponents, causes area damage that becomes harder to resist with numbers, and heals friendly Neverborn. The Alp is a Nightmare, most often seen in the presence of The Dreamer. Alps can also be summoned by Coppelius or other Alps.

The following changes have been made to the Alp's stat card:
  • Add Insignificant to the Alp's Characteristics.
  • Exhaustion: Enemy non-Nightmare models suffer 1 Wd when performing a Walk or Strike Action within 1" of 1 or more Alps.
  • Feed on Dreams: Enemy models receiving Slow while within 3" of 1 or more Alps suffer 1 Wd even if they are already Slow.
  • Never Wake up: If a model is killed by Feed on Dreams within 3" of 1 or more Alps, the Alp closest to the killed model summons 1 Alp.
  • Smother: Enemy non-Nightmare models activating within 3" of 1 or more Alps must perform a WP->12 duel that receives a negative twist for each Alp after the first within 3". If the model loses the duel it receives Slow.

Before these changes, the Alp was the center of a very nasty exploit that most people called the "alp bomb." The Dreamer drops a large number of Alps around a unit, which is then slowed and must make a separate check for each Alp (with a maximum negative twist) or get Slow and take 1 Wd each. Because of the way this was structured, this damage was very hard to avoid, and would cause a lot of damage to many opposing minions at once while reproducing more Alps at the same time.


With a Wk/Cg of 5/8, the Alp is about average for a Neverborn, but faster than most models. Often though, speed is somewhat moot, since the Alp is unburied (by the Dreamer) or placed (by Coppelius or another Alp) in the thick of combat.


The Alp's attack is decent but not exceptional. With a Cb of 4, the Kiss attack is not likely to hit. If it does hit, the damage is low, but includes Slow on the Medium and Severe damage, which will also cause another Wd due to Feed on Dreams.

The real danger from Alps, though, comes from their area debuffs and spoilers, which happen automatically. Alps cause 1 Wd when an enemy takes a Walk or Strike within an inch. They also cause any model within 4" to become Slow, and cause any model that gains Slow within 3" to take another Wd. They can also cause Slow with a spell, which will then usually trigger more damage.

With the errata, this damage is less overwhelming than it had been, but Alps are still quite dangerous, especially considering their low cost.


Alps have only 3 Wd, Df 4, and no Armor, so they are individually fragile. However, they are harder to kill than they might seem: attackers near the Alp must endure an array of brutal debuffs, and ranged attacks get a double negative twist due to the Alp's Tarnkappe ability.

Tips and Tricks

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Master-Specific Tips

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Minion-Specific Tips

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Playing Against Alps

If your opponent is playing Alps, the most important thing to be aware of is the changed errata rules. As written originally, Alps are brutally overpowered. With the rules errata, they are dangerous debuffers, but not as terrible as they might be otherwise. If you see your opponent pulling out Alps, it's probably best to make sure they know about the errata ahead of time: You can point them to for the changed.


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