Abuela Ortega, Guild Minion

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Matriach of the Ortega family, Abuela joins Perdita's crew to lend some firepower and control to her clan. She brings great synergies and support to an already focused crew.


Grandma is old and slow. She has a walk of 4 and no charge ability. Fortunately for you, Abuela's not looking to get into melee and will be quite happy keeping her place behind the family.



Sawed-off Shotgun
Her "Boomstick" may not offer a ton of damage with (2/3/4) stats, but it has a Blast and Double Blast on Moderate and Severe damage flips. Those templates can quickly spread carnage to tightly grouped or allow you to reach targets normally out of sight. Though she is capable at range she is best used for movement tricks and bringing non Ortega models into the family.


Abuela has no melee attack, but with "Gunfighter" she can use her shotgun while engaged in melee so you wont miss it. However when she fires the gun she is pushed 1" directly away. This does allow her the possibility disengaging from combat to shoot something else.

Spells and Abilities

As said previously Abuela is a support model and the following abilities will tell you why.

(0) Shotgun Wedding
This ability grants family and companion to any non-Unique friendly model within 8". The effect last the entire encounter and can only be used once so play your crew with this target in mind. This can be great when adding Abuela to other crews, but can also work when adding another model to your Ortega's. Like say, an Executioner to make up for your crews poor melee ability.

(0) Shrug Off
This is a standard Ortega ability. She is able to remove counters and effects on herself. This is nice as Shotgun Wedding is only once a game you wont have to decide which one to cast.

(1) Matriarch's Care
Needing an 11 of anything to get it off means you will want to keep some High off suits in your hand if you plan to use it. If your successful Abuela gets to make a healing flip which also heals friendly "family" models within 3 inches for the same number of wounds. This is yet another reason to keep her safe in the back. A dedicated assault will drop any Ortega, but with this ability on the table you can get your family back up to strength for another round of carnage. Note this spell is not restricted and may be cast twice in a turn.

(1) Obey
Abuela is part of the Ortega Obey chain, though she needs an 8 of Mask to get it off (13% chance). Make sure you have the cards needed in your hand before you start the chain. Never hope for the flip in a companion chain, and sadly you can only cast this spell once per activation. The spell has a 12" range and is defended with Wp so model immune to Wp duels and influence will be immune to Obey as well. Never the less should be successful you get to make a (1) action or a charge with the target model that does not count as there activation. I could write a book about the greatness that is Obey. You can move enemy models sure, but wouldn't you hate to be lucky enough to cast it only to be blocked? So yeah, you can move enemy models, but better leave that for Perdita. Abuela does better casting Obey on friendly models that can decide to lose the resist flip. Those models then get to move closer to the enemy setting up a series of shots, or to allow your bring far flung models back behind cover or within range of her Matrairch's Care. Think of Obey in terms of what can't I do with it and you will be heading down the right path.

(1) "Play Nice!"
You need a 6 of Mask to get it off (17%) but it's a 6" aura preventing people for fighting inside it. More specifically enemy models trying to strike, cast, focus, or channel action must pass a Wp->13 duel or the action ends. This is neat because it remains for the round, but means grandma is close to the front lines. Alternately if your crew is going to charged by lots of hostiles this would work, but would it not be better use of action points to heal, obey, or simply shoot them.

(1) "Wash Your Mouth Out"
Another spell that needs a 6 of Mask to be successful. It has a 10" range, and if it is successful allows you to prevent your target from casting one of their spells of your choosing. Or course the target gets to resist with Wp. This sounds great on paper on paper, but dead models also cannot cast spells. You have a 17% chance to cast it on the flip, then a little less than 50% chance to get past their WP. That being said don't write this ability off. It is a different play style but in theory you can lock down a spell caster the whole game. Though in my opinion and play style you do great making things dead, and you should always play to your strengths.


The slow old lady doesn't boast a stellar defense at 4. Immune to Influence and Harmless trait offers some help.

Tips and Tricks

Abuela plays a support role, and does it quite well. She is not made to kill anyone with her double-blast shotgun. She is there to weaken clusters of enemies so her allies can deliver the final blows.

Always be sure to utilize "Wash Your Mouth Out" on an enemy spellcaster every turn if able to. Successfully maintained, you can effectively keep your opponent's best spell from ever being used! This makes Abuela very handy when facing powerful magic users.

"Shotgun Wedding" is very useful when Abuela is with her family but even when she works with a different crew, it has some use. Have her say "I Do" with a powerful friendly model in the first round of the game so they can then be affected by Abuela's 'Matriarch' and 'Matriarch Care'. This effectively turns the chosen model into Abuela's bodyguard for the game.

Each time Abuela fires her gun, she is launched 1" away from the target of the shot (carried on the kickback). While thematic and amusing, this can help Abuela maintain her distance from melee enemies - forcing them to waste an action to move after her.

Master-Specific Tips

Abuela really shines with her family. While she can work in other crews, it's with the Ortegas that she is really at home.

Abuela works quite well with Perdita in keeping Papa Loco under control. Both ladies have "Obey" which can be used to race the old geezer up the field to deliver his explosive candle to where he wants it to go.

Just having either senior member of the Ortega clan on the field will make your opponent strongly reconsider clustering his forces, and fielding both will almost assure you the enemy will disperse to avoid the dynamite explosions and buckshot blasts. Try to prevent your opponent from spreading out, or find a way to bottleneck them, then let loose with the blast-barrage.

Minion-Specific Tips

(As with Master-Specific Tips, going into any specific Synergies with other Minions.)

Playing Against Abuela

Threat level, how to kill/neutralise it, what to watch out for etc.


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