Malifaux 1.5


This is the previous edition of Malifaux. The information and link below apply to that edition only. Second Edition is the version supported by Wyrd

Malifaux 1.5 Books

There are currently 4 books released for Malifaux. In order of release:
  • Book 1 (Malifaux) Page: The original printing of the game and it's rules. It includes the starting fluff and storyline for the game as well as the original model's stats, a good proportion of which have been revised to varying degrees (see the Errata - Link). The core game rules in this book are out of date as of the Rules Manual's release in Q1 of 2011.
  • Book 2 (Rising Powers) Page: The second book contains a few more rules to the game and introduces one new Master per faction and Henchmen as well as minions to go along with all of them. This book continues the story line of the book 1 and sets up the plot for the 3rd book. The encounter rules in book 2 are slightly different to those found in the Rules manual, so as with book 1, you should stick to using the rules manual for all general games rules.
  • The Rules Manual: This inexpensive redux on the core rules of the game is the current, most up-to-date rule set to the game. Priced at an affordable US$15 it is a big step up in quality from the first books in terms of rules clarity and organization. It contains no story line and no model stats and is just the core rules for the game. This is currently the only book you need to play 1.5. NO LONGER SOLD BY WYRD.
  • Book 3 (Twisting Fates) : This book contains rules for avatars and avatar stats for all of the Masters in books 1 and 2. It also contains a few new minions for each faction, and continues the storyline from the previous books.
  • Book 4 (Storm of Shadows)

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Selecting A Crew - Malifaux 1.5

For Malifaux 1.5, the Book 1 crews are generally less complex to play and, by extension, easier to learn than the Book 2+ crews. There are exceptions, of course: Leveticus (Book 1) has a very counter-intuitive play style with a range of models that spread across nearly every faction, whereas Von Schill (Book 2) is relatively easy to figure out and play with a well-defined subset of models.

The following Masters are recommended for players beginning Malifaux.They all have an easy to understand playstyle, need few additional models, and have an excellent selection of models in their Starter Box:

The following Masters are not recommended for players beginning Malifaux. They all either have a complex or difficult to use play styles or require a lot of extra models beyond what's in the starter box or have steep learning curves.

The remaining Masters and Henchmen are in-between these two extremes. For more information on starting a particular Master, we recommend you see the "Starting X Master" section of that Master's wiki page.

Ultimately however, you need to select the Master/Crew that you like the look/playstyle of the most. You can select whatever crew you like, just be sure it is one you will enjoy playing. There is nothing worse than going with the "easy" crew, but loathe painting their models and being bored out of your mind with how they play on the table.

Starter Box Sizes - Malifaux 1.5

Here is a very useful list giving the total number of Soulstones (SS; the points value of all the models not including the Master) in each boxset. The higher number in brackets is the total SS reached if the Master takes their full SS cache. For Henchman this is blank as they cannot add to their SS cache as can other Masters (up to a maximum of 8).

Starter Box SS Cost [Max Size with full SS Cache]:

Lady J: 19 SS [23 SS]
Perdita: 25 SS [31 SS]
Sonnia: 20 SS [24 SS]
C. Hoffman: 16 SS [20 SS]
Lucius: 26 SS [-]
Lucas McCabe: 23 SS [27-31 SS]

Seamus: 18 SS [24 SS]
Nicodem: 22 SS [27 SS]
McMourning: 23 SS [25 SS]
Kirai: 19 SS [24 SS]
Molly: 22 SS [-]
Yan Lo: 19 SS [22 SS]

Ramos: 28 SS [34 SS]
Rasputina: 21 SS [25 SS]
Marcus: 22 SS [26 SS]
Colette: 21 SS [26 SS]
Kaeris: 24 SS [-]
Mei Feng: 25 SS [28 SS]

Lilith: 19 SS [23 SS]
Zoraida: 25 SS [28 SS]
Pandora: 23 SS [26 SS]
Dreamer: 19 SS [24 SS]
Collodi: 17 SS [-]
Jakob Lynch: 18SS [24 SS]

Somer Teeth: 16 SS [24 SS]
Viktoria: 24 SS [32 SS]
Leveticus: 20 SS [28 SS]
Ophelia: 22 SS [-]
Von Schill: 26 SS [-]
Hamelin: 22 SS [30 SS]

Misaki: 29 SS [33 SS]


If you plan on picking up two crews with the intention of facing off against each other, here are some fun ideas:

Lilith Vs. Perdita: This is a fun, themed match in which Neverborn Hunter Perdita Ortega faces off against the Mother of Monsters, Lilith. A balanced rumble involving a ranged gunfest (Perdita) against a quick, close combat juggernaut (Lilith).

Seamus Vs. Lady Justice: Another great themed match, in which Lady Justice (in charge of eradicating the undead threat in Malifaux) and Seamus (evil necromancer with a unique fondness for undead hookers) face off. Lady Justice is a hard-hitting melee monster with some easy-to-learn back-up models, while Seamus is a tricky manipulator with a devastating ranged attack and some strangely seductive zombie prostitutes.

Von Schill Vs. Ophelia LaCroix: MOAR EXPLOSIONS! Both Ophelia and Von Schill are straightforward box sets with devastating firepower. A great match between the money hungry mercenaries and the gunslingin', piglovin' Gremlins of the Bayou.

Ultimately, a match between any of the boxed sets listed above as beginner-friendly would be great for demos. However, these are simply a few that have proven to be particularly fun and well-matched straight out of the box with no modification. Good for growing your community. Also, don't forget the value of having a painted crew if you want to get more people into the game. The pretty models alone are sometimes enough to entice new players over to see what is going on. If attracting new players is the goal, paint is usually a good idea. And if you really get into it, Wyrd can officially sponsor you and your events through its Henchman program. Also updated emails for applications, here.